Errgghh… I don’t feel too good…
Amigurumi "Wheat" Guy

I think I’m gonna… I’m gonna…
Amigurumi "Wheat" Guy

… SPEW!!!
Amigurumi "Wheat" Guy

Ahhh… That’s better… Oh! What is this? It’s so warm!
Amigurumi "Wheat" Guy

Mmm… Wheat bag…
Amigurumi "Wheat" Guy


This little crochet guy is for Richard’s nephew, Jackson, who is turning seven tomorrow. He has been very sick with the flu the whole week and I hope the warm wheat bag inside the crochet guy will soothe him a little. Happy birthday, Jacko! Get well soon!

Amigurumi Guy Pattern
DIY Wheat Sack Tutorial
P.S. I bought a kilo of wheat for $2.25 from my local pet shop!

Update 31/9/08:
Jackson loved it! He said to me, “Salihan, he can spew you know!”
Jackson with Wheat Guy