Cheering Me Up

I’ve got winter blues. The world seems dark and dreary and COLD! So I baked chocolate brownies to bring to work the other day cos we all need a little perking up at the moment. I can’t believe how soft and moist the brownies turned out and the recipe is simply from the side of the Nestle baking cocoa tin!
Nestle Chocolate Brownie

AND I knitted myself a new school bag to tote my stationery from class to class. It’s bright red and it sure makes me smile when I see it sitting at the back of a chair. The classroom suddenly doesn’t feel so dull and grey.
Elisa's Nest Tote
Details on Ravelry

I’m off to crochet a blanket to keep me warm! Taaa!
Easy Ripple Afghan (WIP)


7 Responses to “Cheering Me Up”

  1. Teesa says:

    Your new bag is lovely! I’ve always love bags like this! Those brownies sure looks yummy but we’re avoiding anything too heaty as the weather is soooo hot nowadays! ^_^

  2. Taueret says:

    oh those brownies…I want them. I like the pink bag too. Can you pack the brownies IN the bag for me?

  3. Kukka-75 says:

    Oh, I got hungry! The bag is very nice, looks happy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE your bag! Beautiful.
    Hope you will not let the winter blues get you too down. My hubby changes the light bulbs to brighter ones for the winter and we also switch on more lights. Do something Salihan, light up candles and put teelights. That will cheer you up.
    Take care of yourself,

  5. Salihan says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys! Really made my day! 🙂 And I like your idea of using brighter light bulbs, S. I’ll do that today!

  6. Anonymous says:

    hehehhehe, I am a gal Btw. Anyway, glad u feel better already. If you can try sauna or go to the spa. Give yourself a present of a bouquet of flowers. Have some throw cushions that are bright and cheery coloured. Just like you, I moved to away from home and I try my best to cheer me up during the winter blues. Good news is it gets better and better with time. Here’s a warm big hug for you,

  7. Salihan says:

    Hey S! You’re so mysterious! Coincidentally, I am actually going to get a massage and sauna today! Really looking forward to it. My body is so achey from stress! Have a good weekend!

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