Chinese New Year in Sydney

Sydney celebrated the Year of the Rat with a fantastic parade and concert last Sunday. Besides the local Chinese community, performers from the Shaanxi Province (China) entertained the thousands of spectators with their colourful costumes, dance and music.
Multi-racial Performers

I was blown away by the attendance of Sydney-siders who came to watch this special event. It was truly a multi-racial and very diverse day. Men, women, young and old, Asians, Caucasians and even cross-dressers were part of the parade!
Lab Rats Cross-Dressing Stilt Walkers

We couldn’t get a good position for the parade so we decided to get a good spot at Tumbalong Park where they were holding the concert. I’m so glad we went there early! We had just set down the picnic rug when the performers started strolling into the park. Dancers, stilt walkers, drummers and everyone else involved in the parade were there walking right past us!
Great Warrior Dancers

The concert started but not without dramas. The ground was still slightly muddy from the recent rain and several ill-prepared elderly individuals were running up and diving for sheets of newspapers that were left behind by other spectators who decided to leave early.

And with the sun out, many had their umbrellas open. A family in front of us used a large golf umbrella to protect their children from the heat, which angered many people behind them who could not see past their umbrella. One particular woman decided to take matters into her own umbrella-wielding hands. She walked up to the family and fiercely pulled their umbrella down. Several angry words were exchanged with the mother not relenting. The angry woman then smacked the top of the golf umbrella with her own foldable umbrella and stormed off, cursing under her breath.

Despite the actions of a few ugly people, the concert was impressive! The dancers were really professional and their costumes were just emaculate. All in all, we had a really good time.
Tagerine Dancers Happy Blue Men
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  1. Teesa says:

    Haha! It was pretty drama with the squabbling!!! Haha! It sure looks really fun at the parade! ^_^

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