Diamonds & Lace Knitted Bookmark

I’ve started to knit again and went a bit overboard knitting up this bookmark for my mum’s birthday. I am still resting my arm after two days! I can just hear my mum saying, “Everything in moderation, Salihan…”

Anyway, I used larger needles than recommended to make knitting easier on my elbow and ended up with this large, novelty sized bookmark! It’s supposed to have four more diamonds but I had to stop cos it was just getting ridiculous! I don’t think she’ll lose this bookmark easily… haha…
Diamond Lace Bookmark Diamond Lace Bookmark


2 Responses to “Diamonds & Lace Knitted Bookmark”

  1. Norpipah says:

    Is that my birthday gift? I have yet to receive it although it’s already my birthday today but it is worth the wait. Thank you very much for taking the trouble (and suffer the pain!) to knit it for me. Yes, I will not lose it.


  2. Salihan says:

    The pleasure was all mine! It’ll have to be a belated gift though. I’ve yet to post it. 😛

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