They’re Finished!

I’ve finally finished knitting the mother-daughter headband and gloves sets for my colleague, Rae and her teenage daughter, Ebony. The school girl knits were completed earlier this month using cheap, yucky acrylic. They still turned out lovely but I hated the feel of the yarn against my fingers. This time I knitted for the very first time using Bendigo Woollen Mills wool and I was so MUCH happier to knit with something alive!

I knitted the headband from DROPS design and the pattern wasn’t very clear when doing the increases and decreases. It wasn’t bad with a little bit of thinking. I know I would have fudged it up if I was a beginner knitter. The Calorimetry was so much quicker to knit (took only one night!) because I didn’t need to think too much. Just follow the directions and it turned out perfect. The DROPS headband took me 3 nights!
DROPS Headband
Details on Ravelry

Then I hunted around Ravelry looking for the right gloves for Rae. I didn’t want to knit her the same gloves as her daughter because I don’t like knitting the same pattern twice. I like to challenge myself with something new. I cast on for Fingerless Mitts with XO Cables and boy, did I get a challenge! The pattern was the most frustrating pattern I’ve ever tried to follow.

The cable pattern rows were not the same as the rows I knit. So I had to keep track of each cable pattern row I’m on while doing ribbing, increases, thumb gussets AND decreases. Geez! Look at what happened to my pattern sheet:
XO Gloves (Pattern Sheet)

The weird thing is that according to Ravelry, 6 other people have knitted this pattern and not one said the pattern was crap! One knitter even said “they were quick and fun to make”. Is it just me?
XO Gloves
XO Gloves
Details on Ravelry

To look on the bright side, the gloves look and feel terrific AND the struggle is finally over. I’m putting down my dpns for a long while. I’ve got 3 scarves lined up – a simple, mindless garter stitch scarf for charity, a Lace Ribbon Scarf for one of Richard’s students he tutors and a Clapotis for myself. I doubt I’ll get too enjoy the Clapotis much cos winter starts tomorrow and it’s the last in my list of priorities at the moment. All I can do is knit on!


4 Responses to “They’re Finished!”

  1. Oiyi says:

    The head band and gloves came out very nicely. I think that I would have given up on the gloves if they were so frustrating.

    Okay, all of your food pics are driving me crazy. I actually am on a diet. But virtual food is calorie free.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are an amazing girl, you persevered thru and completed your craft and it turned out absolutely beautiful. Well done!

  3. Salihan says:

    Thanks Oiyi and S! 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi, long time since you updated yr blog. Anyway, how’s your hand getting on? Did you try a chiropractor? My hand is better after visiting one. Hope you get cured too. Take care!

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