Gabu Brothers

I couldn’t send a package to Singapore with gifts for my mum and only one of my brothers. The other two brothers will feel left out!

Can you see the resemblance?
Gabu Brothers
Gabu Brothers
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5 Responses to “Gabu Brothers”

  1. Kukka-75 says:

    How nice picture of you! And very cute crocheting =)

  2. Salihan says:

    This is one of my favourite photos of me with my brothers. It was taken before I migrated to Australia. It was a fun, silly day altogether. 🙂

  3. MelB says:

    You look very cantik in that photo…and lovely gifts too.

  4. Salihan says:

    Heehee… Thanks Mel! 😀

  5. Team Knit ! says:

    Aww, so cute!

    – Julie

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