Handmade Crochet Bookmarks & Coasters

I think bookmarks are undervalued. I normally use any small piece of paper within arms reach of me. More often than not, it’ll be a store receipt or an old train ticket. It works fine, but it sure does not have the same feel as a handcrafted bookmark.

So remember my last blog post and I mentioned that the bags contained something really cute?

Here they are- Gecko Bookmarks!
Amulet Pouches with Gecko Bookmarks

I adore the little curly tails and I’ve made one eye bigger than the other to increase the cute factor. I secretly wanted to keep them for myself but I did the right thing and gave them to the two girls. Surprisingly, they loved them and I think one of the mothers wanted to keep it for herself too! I won’t say who. Hehe…
Gecko Bookmark
Details on Ravelry

Well, it won’t be fair for the kids to have all the fun. I made bookmarks for my two friends and my mother too. This fan bookmark by Crochetroo is absolutely gorgeous. There is a small confusion in the pattern but with another Ravelers help, I sorted it out and I was off! I made three of them on a tiny 1.5mm crochet hook. It was a challenge at first but just look at it. It was definitely worth the time.
Crochetroo Fan Bookmark
Details on Ravelry

And I wanted to make even more bookmarks after that. My brother’s birthday was coming up and I thought a bookmark would be perfect for him as he’s an avid reader. It was rather hard to find gender neutral bookmark patterns. But I think I found a winner with the book thong.
Book Thongs

It looks a little strange – a rope like thing with beads on the ends. But I think it works very effectively. I ended up making three and gave the blue one to my brother and the other two to the other mothers. Be warned though if you decide to crochet this, it’s an absolute pain to crochet into the back ridge if you’re using a really tiny thread and hook! Go large.
Book Thongs
Details on Ravelry

You must think that by now I was over making bookmarks. Nope. I found a pattern with a single fan that looks rather nice. Reminds me of a Chinese fan. So I made one in a peach crochet thread with a 1.5mm hook.

But the pattern said that I could use a worsted weight yarn. Curiosity led me to crochet a rather large and thick bookmark from leftover 8ply cotton yarn. It was as big as a coaster! Err, not very practical but still lovely.
Details on Ravelry

“Coaster! That’s it! I could crochet it all the way around and make coasters!” I thought to myself. So I experimented a bit more and a couple of hours later, I came up with these.
Fan-Coaster v1
Fan Coaster v2

Richard likes the first one better, whereas I prefer the openness of the second one. Works out good. One each! 🙂
Fan Coasters
Details on Ravelry

Create something today and share it with someone. I’m addicted to the little fuzzy feeling in my belly when someone says “Thank you! I love it!”. I’m sure you will too.


7 Responses to “Handmade Crochet Bookmarks & Coasters”

  1. Team Knit ! says:

    those bookmarks are so awesome!! The geckos are adorable. I think I agree with your man- the top coaster is so lovely- great job!

    – Julie

  2. MelB says:

    wow what lovely stuff- great for gifts and you can never have enough bookmarks or coasters.
    I’ll give the geckos/tiny lizards a miss though – i can’t even look at it in real life.

  3. Salihan says:

    Thanks Julie and Mel! 🙂

    *throws a gecko bookmark at Mel

  4. Teresa Foo says:

    You did a wonderful job!! Very beautiful work! Those bookmarks are really lovely and the little bag too! Thank you so much Salihan for the lovely surprise!!! Georgia has been using the gecko to throw at everyone and trying to frighten us!!! She loves it! ^_^

  5. Salihan says:

    Haha! How cute! Silly Georgia!

  6. Kimberly Pye says:

    Ha! I just found these lizardy bookmarks in your Ravelry notebook. Added to the queue — too cute not to! And I think I’ve made about 80 billion of those fan bookmarks. I showed my grandmother that patter, and I think she’s made ten times as many as I have. Oh to be retired and play with yarn all day, right? 😉

  7. Catherine says:

    What a beautiful bookmark! I like the geckos. In my country, Dominican Republic, live a lot of them just green like this one that you made.

    Excelent work!

    Catherine from Dominican Reppublic

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