Alamak Pondan!

I found konnyaku jelly powder mix at an Asian supermarket yesterday. I didn’t see the “Pondan” print till I got home and cracked up! Pondan means gay or transexual in Malay and I think most Singaporeans know it as that. Isn’t it strange that an Indonesian company picked such a name for itself?
Konnyaku Jelly Packet
Here are the jellies in the moulds. I followed the instructions as carefully as possible and I think it turned out very good, eventhough it was a weird fruit cola flavour (that was the only flavour they had!).
Konnyaku Jelly Moulds
This is my 3rd attempt at making Konnyaku jellies and finally, I’m happy with the result! Definitely use this pondan powder again. Hehe… Thanks Teresa and Umi for your tips! It worked good.
Konnyaku Jelly

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One Response to “Alamak Pondan!”

  1. Wati says:

    Pondan?! Lol! Kelakar.

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