Removing Internal Wall – Day 5

Remember the wall between the living and dining/kitchen area? Well, after 5 days of renovations, it’s all gone!
Left Wall (From Front Door)
Right Wall (From Front Door)

We even took out the arch in the hallway. Here it is BEFORE renovations:
Hallway from Dining Room (Before)

AFTER – Arch no more!
Hall Doorway

The easy demolition part is now all done. Now we have to put new floorboards and plasterboards in, rewiring telephone and electrical points and render a brick wall. Hence the pile of tools sitting on our buffet table. Looking very good so far, don’t you think?

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One Response to “Removing Internal Wall – Day 5”

  1. Inoriz says:

    Ur cat seems to be checking out the arch that isn’t there anymore. Heheheh. So cute!

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