Repairing Cat Scratched Sofa

When we bought our sofa, we were newly married and had no pets. We didn’t think that we were going to have cats soon and that they would just loooveee our new textured fabric sofa. We tried training our darling cats to stop using it as their oversized scratching posts. We bought them several scratching posts, made scratching pads out of old carpets, yelling, clapping loudly, squirted them with lemony water, sprayed the lounge with vinegar, covered the edges with aluminium foil etc. You get the picture. Nothing really worked if we weren’t on guard.

Before - Cat Scratched Sofa
Before - Cat Scratched Sofa
After a while it got very tiring. As I lay in bed falling asleep at night, I could hear them waking up and digging their claws into my once beautiful sofa. It got so embarassing I had to trim the loose threads on it before company came over!

Before - Cat Scratched Sofa
When I had my colleagues over for Eid, Rosemary shared with me how she fixed up her own cat scratched sofa. She told me about covering the edges with vinyl and tacking them into the timber frame. So simple! I went to Spotlight and bought half a metre of black vinyl. Then to Bunnings and bought 2 packets of black upholstery tacks. Total cost is less than $20. I took about an hour to cut the pieces and to tack them into place.

After - Repaired Sofa
And I am absolutely over the moon with the results! The vinyl pieces don’t look that out of place and the sofa looks almost new. The cats don’t like the vinyl and have left the sofa alone. They are using their scatching post again. SUCCESS!

After - Repaired Sofa
After - Repaired Sofa

Now I just have to figure out how to stop Ifa from scatching the bedroom door and meowing her heart out when she demands breakfast at 5.30am!


3 Responses to “Repairing Cat Scratched Sofa”

  1. MelB says:

    Salihan – ifa’s good training for when you have a baby and the couch looks 100% if not very trendy with the leather bits. Good job!

  2. Salihan says:

    Mel, I figured out how to stop the cats from waking me up early! Over the last few days I trained them to eat only one meal a day at 9pm in the laundry room. When they’re eating, I close the door and they stay there for the night till we get up! Ahhh…. peace and quiet…

  3. Michelle says:

    That is a fantastic idea! It looks great!

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