School Girl Knits

I’m surprised by how far a 100g ball of yarn can go. I’ve knitted a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves and a Calorimetry headband for my colleague’s daughter, Ebony, from one ball of yarn and I still have about 20g left. Relatively quick knits. It took me 6 days to knit all of these. I’m taking a break for the rest of the week!

The autumn winds seem to be worse when you’re standing around school waiting for classes so I’m sure these will keep Eb warmer through the cold season.
Fetching Gloves (WIP)
Fetching Gloves
Fetching Pattern

Rae modelled the Calorimetry headband I knitted for her daughter. It looks good against her blonde hair.
Calorimetry Headband
Calorimetry Headband
Calorimetry pattern

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