School Holiday Knits

My holidays got all rained out so I got to spend some time in la-la land among pointy needles and stitches. Here are my finished holiday knits:

Spirogyra Gloves
Spirogyra Gloves
The free pattern is from Knitty. I love that the simple pattern repeats produce such stunning shell stitches which make the gloves look harder to knit than it actually was. But I don’t like the yarn I’ve used. Yes, Panda Purla is soft and very cheap but the yarn is linty, making the gloves look very old, worn and fuzzy. Not the look I’m after but it’s still quite a pleasure to wear. I would love to make them again with nicer yarn.

Pocketbook Slippers

If you are not a knitter, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that these…
Pocketbook Slippers
could be worn as slippers!
Pocketbook Slippers

They are a rather clever design by Mrs M. S. Draves and are aptly called pocketbook slippers (for the uninitiated, pocketbook means a purse or a handbag). I made the modified version by Miss Twiss. I’m not happy with the way she designed her buttonholes as they were a off-centre and small. So for my second pair of pocketbook slippers, I’m using Knittinghelp’s one-row buttonhole instead.

My mother-in-law found them rather amusing when she received her slippers and thought that her great niece, Nikita, would also love a pair. Nikita is 9 and lives in NZ. So I’m making a pair for her using Panda Zoomy which is just so thick and soft. I’m almost finished with them but I ran out of yarn! I’m thinking that I will buy one more ball of Zoomy to finish the slippers and I’ll probably have enough leftover to make a mini Fourteen scarf for her too! She would be all rugged up for the bitterly cold NZ winter!
Pocketbook Slippers WIP


2 Responses to “School Holiday Knits”

  1. Oiyi says:

    The gloves are gorgeous. And the slippers are so clever.

  2. sukigirl says:

    At our local market here in Toronto, Canada we have an elderly lady who sits in her wheelchair every Saturday with her pile of slippers (these exact style) for sale at her feet. Each year I pick up a new batch for my family.
    I always wonder how old the original pattern is.

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