Two skeins of Malabrigo later…

I wanted to knit Richard a hat and a pair of gloves for his new job in the city. He is commuting to Sydney everyday; that’s an average time of three hours of travelling each day! So the wool for his hat and gloves has to be soft and warm for his wintery journey. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed Malabrigo. I bought two skeins of Tortuga from Jolene who has an online shop selling Malabrigo. I don’t think you can buy it online elsewhere in Australia.

Malabrigo didn’t disappoint. It’s fantastic value for money. I knitted a hat and two pairs of gloves for $32, including postage! The quality of this hand dyed merino wool is the best I’ve ever knitted with. It’s luxuriously soft and warm. The subtle colour changes makes it even more exciting to knit with. The only downside is that the gloves I made pills. I think the friction from being stuffed into pockets probably caused the pilling.

Richard picked the Jacques Cousteau hat pattern because he LOVES the spirals at the top and the big foldover bit (that’s the technical name, isn’t it?). The wool feels softer the bigger the surface area so it was just a pleasure to knit with.
Jacques Cousteau Hat
Jacques Cousteau Hat
Details on Ravelry

And then the troubles began. My first attempt at full fingered gloves and boy was it a pain right to the end. I only wanted to knit one pair of gloves for Richard and picked the Cigar gloves from Knitty. I tried it on his hand so many times as I was knitting it but after I finished the entire glove, I realised that the glove was too small and the cuff kept riding up his hand. Grrrr!

So I thought he probably needed a different type of thumb gusset to fit him better and knitted up a pair of Ken gloves. I thought I was going alright. I finished the pair and then realised they were still small for him! The cuffs still ride up and some of the fingers are too short. I have underestimated how wide his hands were. I kept thinking that he has small hands because his fingers are the same length as mine, but his hands are wide, MUCH wider than mine. But Richard doesn’t complain. He says it fits him fine and they keep his hands very warm so he is happy. What a wonderful, appreciative husband!
Ken Gloves
Details on Ravelry

I have learnt an important lesson from knitting these gloves, beside measuring your recipient’s hand properly. The holes between the fingers annoys the heck out of me. I tried all sorts of different ways to reduce the size of the holes. But I figured the bottom line is to darn the holes properly. This Knitty article is very good at explaining how to fix those very bothersome holes up.

So I had a right hand Cigar glove which fitted me but not Richard. Drudgingly, I finished the other glove and I’m glad I did. It’s soooo warm and what a near perfect fit! I modified the pattern to be full fingered and also to included buttonholes on my right thumb and forefinger so that I can flip the glove tips over. Why? So I can sms, write and take my train ticket out of my pocket. I got the idea from other Ravelers who have done the same thing to their gloves. There are so many clever people out there!
Cigar Cloves Cigar Cloves
Cigar Cloves
Details on Ravelry


7 Responses to “Two skeins of Malabrigo later…”

  1. Em-En says:

    Beautiful work!*

    The gloves look especially cool, and practical. 🙂

    *or should I say “very manly work”?

  2. Inoriz says:

    NICE!! BTW, you are tagged. 😀

  3. Kukka-75 says:

    Looks very nice! I like the model of the hat.

  4. Sandra says:

    Yep, hat looks lovely. What a fantastic idea to have the holes for the thumb. Amazing how people solve problems isn’t it. I love how the minds work to find a solution to a problem.
    All in all, well done!

  5. MelB says:

    Wow great job on the beanie and the gloves! I am so tempted to try the malabrugo heard sooo much about it! I didnt know they sell it in Aust!

  6. Marquesa Jen says:

    Love the hat! The spirally top looks fantastic!

  7. Salma says:

    loving the gloves. how many stitches did you bind off for both thumb and forefinger? xx

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