Winter Handknits

Winter is here. The sun disappears into the horizon at five o’clock and my body slows down to a halt. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks pretty much knitting in front of the television for hours on end, next to the heater and with the cats close by. On one hand, I wish spring was here and the days were longer, but then I wouldn’t have a good excuse to spend so much time indoors, knitting the cold away. Not that I need an excuse to knit.

The hours spent with my pointy sticks have rewarded me generously. I have knitted two scarves for charity, a Clapotis shawl, three Fourteen neckwarmers and a pair of Garter Stitch Mitts for Richard’s 31st birthday last Friday. The latter three patterns are by far my most favourite knits. I absolutely adore them.

I wear this almost every single day now. It’s soft and warm, and can be worn in two ways – as a scarf or a shawl.
Clapotis as Shawl
Clapotis as Scarf
Details on Ravelry

Garter Stitch Mitts
Happy birthday, R! This is a wonderful present for the man in my life. It’s simple, practical and warm. I love the way they look and it was such a clever pattern. I used the same yarn as the Clapotis and these photos really show the true colour of the red tweed yarn.
Garter Stitch Mitts
Garter Stitch Mitts
Details on Ravelry

I don’t normally knit anything more than once. But I’ve already made three Fourteen neckwarmers. That’s how much I love this pattern. Panda Zoomy is the perfect, cheap yarn to use for this and it knits up really quick. I’ve made a green one too but I was so excited to give it to a friend as a belated birthday present that I forgot to take photos! Doh!
Fourteen Neckwarmer
Fourteen #3
Details on Ravelry 1 2 3

We’ve had a wonderful weekend celebrating Richard’s 31st. There is no better way to end it than by watching the sunset over the river. Beautiful.
Hawkesbury River / Mooney Mooney
Have a good week everyone.


9 Responses to “Winter Handknits”

  1. Teesa says:

    Wow! Those are beautiful! You’ve been really busy huh!

  2. Salihan says:

    Hehe yip!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic knits! You did good on your choice of patterns. We’re having summer now, so I am too busy enjoying the outside life. Come winter, just like you I will be busy with my handcrafts. Keep warm yah!

  4. sukigirl says:

    I found your blog after you left me a nice comment about my gingerbread ornament over at flickr (Thanks so much!)
    All your projects are wonderful…who can resist looking at posts about knitting, crocheting, Australia, food, etc.

  5. Taueret says:

    love your clap, I guess we have the only 2 on the Central Coast now 😉

  6. Salihan says:

    Haha! That’s awesome Tauret! If we bump into each other wearing our claps at Westfields, we finally know who each other are!

  7. Oiyi says:

    Love the red tweed yarn for the mitts and clapotis! And those neckwarmers are too cute!

  8. melb says:

    Hi there , love that clapotis – I was looking at ravelry (trying to motivate myself to finish mine off) when I saw yours for 2 reasons – you look just like my friend ( I am from malaysia too) dont ask why I knit here its too hot but i do! Also I used to live in Melbourne hence the bendigo wool caught my eye! Love your blog though its making me hungry!

  9. Salihan says:

    Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments! Btw Melb, I’m Malay and from Singapore. Do add me as your friend in Ravelry. 😀

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