I have organized my craft space and I’ve kept it clean and tidy for a few weeks now. Hard to believe that my new system stood up against overly enthusiastic stash enhancement shopping sprees and even more yarn acquisition from a generous friend and the dabbling of yet another craft hobby and most importantly, “I’ve-got-a-great-idea-that-I-must-do-it-right-now!” moments!

Computer workspace
Ifa, my female cat, pretty much lives on the printer. The only time she gets up voluntarily is when I’m cooking or eating or when it’s her dinner time. I normally kick her out of the room halfway through the day so that she can get some exercise.
My computer workspace

Craft workspace
It’s so good to have a table just for my sewing and crafting. The white board and stackable storage boxes helps keep me on track and in check. Cats have learned to keep off this area, otherwise, Mummy goes psycho!
My craft workspace

Store related containers
Two of my 50 litre containers hold my store related materials, stock and yarn. My thinking is that if these boxes are overflowing, I’m not selling enough products quickly enough. Time to re-think a few things.
Store related containers

Yarn stash
The largest of the containers is 57 litres and it holds all my stash yarn. I really can’t afford to have any more than this much yarn. I don’t have the space or the money to let this grow any bigger. I have enough stash yarn to keep me knitting and crocheting for at least one year! Although, I will make allowances for free yarn. I’m not that silly!
Stash yarn

I would like to talk more about this in detail next week. But if you can’t wait to enhance your yarn stash now, CLICK HERE to grab a one off deal from my shop. 35- 50% off!
Yarn for sale

Knitting WIP
I have Shawl Collar Vest [pattern] and Feather & Fan Comfort Shawl [pattern] on my needles now. I am almost finished with the vest and I’m obsessively knitting it every chance I get.
Knitting WIP

Crocheting WIP
These are hot off my crochet hooks. I’m just waiting on a delivery to put the finishing touches on them. Watch this space for my new Christmas crochet pattern. Coming very soon!
Crochet pattern WIP

Did you like the voyeuristic peek into my craft room? I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. ;)