30th Birthday Chocolate Chip Muffins

I mentioned in my earlier carrot cake post that I was going to try out Melissa Goodsell‘s choc chip muffins recipe. I did bake the muffins as planned but you would be surprised at what time I baked them.

I went on a big bushwalk on Saturday afternoon, came home and cooked roast chicken. By the time we had finished dinner, it was well after 8pm but I thought I’ll just whip these muffins up quickly. The birthday party was on Sunday and I didn’t want to have to rush around in the morning. Half an hour later, I was on the sofa sharing a freshly baked muffin with Richard! I knew it was going to be quick but 30 minutes! Wow! I was impressed! Washing up was just as easy. A bowl, a spoon and a measuring cup. The muffin tray just needed a wipe because I used muffin cases. It was too good to be true.

Caramel Choc Chip Muffins
Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe from Melissa Goodsell

So I inspected the muffins. They looked good. I like the rich caramel colour and the sweet smell filled the entire house. The dark chocolate chips peaking through the top gave the hint of chocolatey goodness to come. The muffins whet my appetite visually.

I ripped a muffin in half and saw that the chocolate chips have melted inside them. I handed one half to Richard and I held the other. My first bite was a little unsure. It doesn’t seem to be as moist as the other muffins I’ve made. Then I took a second bite. I quickly forgot about the slight dryness and was instead reminded of how much I love caramel … and chocolate …. and of course, cake. Mmmm… I wanted more. But I couldn’t! I needed to bring the muffins to the birthday party the next day!

Exerting as much self-control as I could muster, I packed the muffins away for a night and revealed them to Richard’s family on Sunday. Those who had the muffins said they liked them. If only they knew how much nicer those chocolate chip muffins were straight out of the oven! The gastronomic experience was worlds apart.

Emma's 30th Birthday Cake

Nonetheless, the birthday party went very well. It wasn’t all about the muffins. 😛 Everyone had fun celebrating my sister-in-law, Emma’s 30th. Richard’s dad brought a nice spread of seafood, roast chicken and salads. Uncle Kevin brought a yummy blackforest cake from The Cheesecake Shop. The day sort of ended with my nephew, Jackson, and my brother-in-law, James, in the pool together. We couldn’t walk into the backyard because they shot everyone with their water guns! I would have taken a photo but my camera would have gotten wet! It was a fun day. Happy 30th, Emma!

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5 Responses to “30th Birthday Chocolate Chip Muffins”

  1. The gastronomic experience was worlds apart.

    Some daaamn good muffins!

  2. Salihan says:

    Hahaha… yip! 🙂 Thanks bro!

  3. Wati says:

    Mmm… caramel in muffins. Sounds good. And they look good too!

    Wati’s last blog post..Pregnant at 25 weeks

  4. Umi says:

    Great! You all seem to have had a jolly good time. The muffins look simply sinfully delicious.
    Glad James is recovering well.
    Here’s to Emma: Happy (belated) Birthday!

  5. Salihan says:

    I made the muffins again yesterday. Mmmm… yummy. I’ll pass on your birthday wishes to Emma. 🙂

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