Asherton Reversible Scarf

I have finished knitting the Asherton Reversible Scarf which is meant to be Richard’s 32nd birthday present. It’s 3 months early but just in time for the start of autumn. I can’t believe it’s March already! Although this scarf started with a bad yarn shop experience and two pattern changes, it ended beautifully. I absolutely adore the Sublime yarn and the knitting pattern was so easy that at some point, I knitted this on the train – with my eyes closed!

Asherton Reversible Scarf

I can’t go on enough about how much I’m in love with this scarf. The whole knitting experience was the best I’ve ever had. The Sublime yarn is now my favourite yarn to knit with. It just glides off my knitting needles and I do not have to compromise price for stitch definition and softness either. Malabrigo yarn is a close second but it’s not as good for patterns with strong stitch definitions. It’s pure Merino wool composition makes the Malabrigo yarn a little fuzzy with wear.

Richard Wearing Asherton Reversible Scarf

Pattern: Asherton Reversible Scarf by Smariek
Yarn: Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK
Needles: 4mm
Mod: None

Richard Wearing Asherton Reversible Scarf

On a side note, Richard and I walked nearly two hours on the Box Head Track through Bouddi National Park to this vantage point. It was a hot summer’s day but Richard put up with the warm scarf around his neck to take these photos. Thanks darl! 😛

In my next blog post, I am going to talk about how I blocked the Asherton Reversible scarf. A friend, who is knitting the same scarf, has finally moved on from knitting ribbed acrylic scarves to something a little bit more advanced in pure wool. She has never blocked before and she is a little worried about it. I thought I would help her out.

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9 Responses to “Asherton Reversible Scarf”

  1. Steph says:

    This scarf is gorgeous! Thanks for the encouragement in making my own scarf in this pattern. I can’t wait to finish mine.

    P.S. Doesn’t Richard make a lovely model?!

  2. That is definitely beautiful! I´m sure that Richard loves it, too. The Wisp Shawl looks exciting. I´ll wate the progress =)

    Mette (Kukka-75)’s last blog post..Something different

  3. Melb says:

    Wow youre very organised to have the scarf done sooo early before Richard’s birthday. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sublime and the reversible scarf sure looks good.

  4. Salihan says:

    Steph: Richard does make a lovely model. He’s definitely more photogenic than me. Looking forward to your scarf too!

    Mette: Thank you! The Wisp is looking more like a wide scarf than a shawl. But it’s still as cheerful as I was hoping it to be. 🙂

    Melb: I think I was finding an excuse to spend money on Sublime yarn, Mel. I’m not that organised. 😛 Have you received your Malabrigo yet?

  5. Kristin says:

    Oh, that’s beautiful! I love a good scarf!

    Kristin’s last blog post..The Monday List

  6. Diana Graff says:

    pss the scarf is beautiful but your hubby is a cutie! good for you 😉

    Diana Graff’s last blog post..Did you say a little prayer for Rocky?

  7. Salihan says:

    LOL!!! I scored, didn’t I? I’ll keep this one around a bit longer I think. 😀

  8. emlem0 says:

    What is the colour that you used for this scarf??

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