What Have I Started?

I learned to crochet last year simply because I wanted to crochet amigurumi and a blanket. I have made several amigurumi but no blankets yet. Not even a small a lap sized one. I started a ripple blanket but it was quickly abandoned. I didn’t like how it was turning out and I wasn’t sure whether I had enough yarn to finish it.

But with the recent acquisition of yarn, I can now realise my dream of a crochet blanket! As excited as I am, there are a few things I worry about with this new project. Firstly, the colours are bright! It’s very different to my otherwise muted style. I’m not sure whether it will go with the white colour palette that I plan for the house. But the emotions I get when I look at the pretty hexagons is driving me on. They just make me so happy! I catch myself smiling at the hexagons that lay in front of me. Haha… Thank god I’m home alone.

Hexagon Blanket WIP

Secondly, it’s a blanket. Come on. With my short attention span, who am I kidding? It’s going to be a challenge to finish it. I think the hexagons will make it easier though. My goal is even if I just crochet ONE hexagon every few days, I should be happy with myself. It hasn’t been a problem so far. Look what I’ve done after two days. I’m hooked! (pun intended)

Hexagon Blanket WIP

My last concern is that the blanket is being crocheted with acrylic yarn. It’s not even a soft acrylic yarn but at least it isn’t itchy. I’m reminding myself that without Rosemary‘s generosity, I wouldn’t even have the chance to do much knitting and crocheting in my current employment status. I’ll always have a chance to make another blanket with the yarn of my choice in the future. It’s pretty hard to focus on the negative with these colours staring back at me!

When I showed Richard the first few hexagons, he said, “Oh my god! What have you started? Don’t you spend every waking moment working on that!” Haha… I’ll try not to, love. I’ll try. 😉

Hexagon Blanket (Free Pattern) by Attic24

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8 Responses to “What Have I Started?”

  1. Umi says:

    They are really colourful and pretty! I remember seeing such things used as a table runner or a television cover. Well, even if you don’t intend to use it yourself, I’m sure there are people out there who could do with something to keep them warm at night.

  2. sukigirl says:

    I think the colours are wonderful…a little touch of colour can fit nicely into a muted room.
    I’ve also heard that some acrylics become softer when washed.
    What pattern are you using for the hexagons?

    sukigirl’s last blog post..A free crochet owl pattern

  3. Melb says:

    I think they’re beautiful – and am so tempted to start a hexagon! Youre right with something so beautiful to create , its hard to think of the negatives!

  4. Salihan says:

    Umi: The more I crochet this, the more I think I’m actually going to keep it. 🙂

    Suki: You’re right. The bright blanket would look great in a muted room. I placed the hexagons on my white bed and it really stood out beautifully. I do hope they soften a bit after wash though. The pattern I used is from Attic 24 and can be found HERE.

    Melb: I hope you do make one so we can have a crochet-a-long! How fun!

  5. Sandra says:

    Oh Han I love these hexagons! I love your colours too. They’re sooo pretty!
    My mom used to make granny squares, lots of it and then she’ll put it on the floor and we helped her moving the squares around so that not only one sort of colour was in one place. I think one of the kids may have inherited that. I remembered it was pretty too.

    All the best Han,

  6. Nadine says:

    The colours are making me forgive the acrylic too! Beautiful pattern. All white rooms need a little pizzazz every now and then!

  7. Salihan says:

    Thanks Sandra and Nadine! 🙂

  8. Kimberly Pye says:

    Oh, I would LOVE to have a hexagon afghan, but there’s no way in the universe I can let myself start another crocheted blanket. Maybe when I’ve finished the other three in progress… And I live in southern California — do you know how often I need a big ol’ afghan? Not often. 😉

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