Detailed Modifications to the Bow-knot Wisp

This is a continuation from the Knitted Bow-knot Wisp scarf blog post. Below are the detailed mofications to the Wisp shawl pattern from Knitty.

Bow-knot Wisp

Pattern: Wisp (free pattern)
Yarn: 75g Target Mardi Gras 8ply (96% acrylic, 4% metallic thread) in 3 colours
Needles: 7mm and US 6/4mm needles
Mods: Details below

With 7mm needles, CO 46 sts in the first colour yarn

Row1-4: Knit all
Row 5-14: K4, [YO, K2tog] rep to last 4 sts, K4
Row 15-18: Knit all

Change to a different yarn colour and repeat these 18 rows 9 more times

Moss Stitch Bow-Knot

To make slot, I used a pair of 4mm needles and a stitch holder.

Divide sts equally onto one 4mm needle and stitch holder, alternating one st on needle and next st on stitch holder. You should have 23 sts on needle and 23 sts on stitch holder.

Knitting sts on needle first and using the next colour yarn, work in moss st for 2″.

Moss st: K1, [P1, K1] rep to end
Repeat row

Cut yarn.

Slip sts from stitch holder onto one 4mm needle. Slip the stitches that you have just worked in moss st onto the stitch holder.

Using the same colour yarn, knit the sts on needle in moss st for 2″. Cut yarn.

Transfer sts from stitch holder to one 4mm needle.

Using the next colour yarn and 7mm needles, knit from each 4mm needle, alternating between the two.

Continue pattern of 18 rows 3 more times.

BO loosely. Weave in ends.

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2 Responses to “Detailed Modifications to the Bow-knot Wisp”

  1. Sandra says:

    Thanks Han, love this pattern and the way you explained it I think I can manage it. I think I will make a very very long scarf so that I can have it round and round my neck a couple of times. We do get freezing winters here. Thanks so much for the explanation.
    Take care,

  2. Salihan says:

    Good luck with the scarf Sandra. Drop me a line if you need help!

    Btw, you can reduce the number of knit rows in between the lace to only 6 knit rows before doing lace again. That’s what the original Wisp pattern called for.

    I knitted 8 knit rows because I was changing colours and wanted it to look more balanced with 4 knit rows per colour.

    Take care and happy knitting!

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