How to Embroider a Smile on Your Amigurumi

Suki twittered me and asked me to share any hints that I may have to embroider a face on crochet toys (also called amigurumi). I am more than happy to help, of course. Here is the way I do it and if your way is different to mine, please leave a comment and share your technique with us.

Step 1:
I use a scrap piece of yarn to guide me on how I want the smile to look like. You may also use a suitable marking pen or pencil to draw your smile onto the face as your guide. Thread yarn or floss through a sharp embroidery needle.
Step 1

Step 2:
If like me, you are embroidering the mouth before finishing the stuffed toy, pull the needle through the starting point from the wrong side and leave a tail long enough to tie a knot with later.

Alternatively, if you have already finished the amigurumi, do it the following way. Push the needle in from the back or bottom of the head, through the stuffing and to the starting point. Stop just as the tail disappears into the back or bottom of the head. The tail should sit securely among the stuffing.

Step 3:
Sew a running stitch, using the scrap yarn smile as a guide (see step 1). I try to weave the needle in and around the crochet stitches, instead of through them. Hopefully you can see in the two pictures below how the crochet stitches neatly fill the gaps between the running stitches.
Step 2
End of Step 3

Step 4:
Now I work my way back to complete the smile. The trick I found is to sew a little bit in the start and end of each running stitch already sewn. This stops unsatisfactory gaps between stitches. Sew in this way back to the starting point.
Step 4

Step 5:
To finish off, tie a knot on the wrong side if you are embroidering the smile before finishing the toy.
Step 4
Otherwise, push your needle through the stuffing to the back or bottom of toy (reverse of how you started) and pull the yarn tightly. Snip the tail off just a little bit shorter so that the yarn disappears into the head.

And you’re done! Clear as mud, eh?

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8 Responses to “How to Embroider a Smile on Your Amigurumi”

  1. Umi says:

    The animal looks so sweet. If you make the body longer, it will look like the snake in Harry Potter. How about starting a business with your hobby? People can place orders for birthday gifts etc.

  2. Nadine says:

    Another brilliant tutorial! You make it look so easy.

    Nadine’s last blog post..Cobbler Gobblin’

  3. sukigirl74 says:

    Those are great tips…I’ll have to try this out.

    Up to now I have been using the Y stitch, which I do like but I can never seem to space the stitches out evenly.
    Your way looks much simpler but with great results.
    I really appreciate you sharing this!

    sukigirl74’s last blog post..The first figs of the season

  4. julie says:

    So THAT’S how it’s done! I’ve always winged it, knowing that somewhere out there, there was a better way. thanks for sharing!!

    julie’s last blog post..Modification Mondays: Nerdy Neiman

  5. Salihan says:

    Umi: Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll keep them in mind.

    Nadine, Suki & Julie: Thank you for your lovely comments! I hunted around for tutorials on the net but couldn’t find any, except for little hints here and there. So I’ve incorporated those hints into the way I do it. Glad you find them useful.

  6. Jusuki says:

    Hi Salihan i was wondering if you can post a page about how to make a whipstitch eyes because i need to know how because i am going to make an amigurumi mushrooms from mario brothers amd thanks for this great tutorial for this smile it looks cute!!!!!!:)

  7. kendrick says:

    thank you so much! this is soooooo much easier than the way i’ve been doing it!

  8. Heather says:

    Thank you! I already stuffed, and wasn’t sure how to go about anchoring the yarn ends. Guess it’s not necessary. Off I go!

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