I Still Knit!

SIX weeks! I haven’t talked about knitting for SIX weeks. There were posts about crocheting, sewing, cooking and even spinning but none on my actual knitting. I do admit that I lost my knitting mojo when I became very preoccupied with family and being sick. I didn’t have the brain space to be working on what’s on my needles.

What is on my needles, I hear you ask. Well, it’s an intricate lace scarf I’m knitting for a friend in Singapore who lost her young husband last November to cancer. She wanted to commission a scarf from me and I refused, only allowing her to pay for the Malabrigo lace yarn. We agreed that she can make some handmade jewellery for me in return for my time.
Muir Scarf WIP

Marina and I used to dream of starting our own company together, her jewellery making and my t-shirt screen printing. We got started with the business, Annabeau, sold once at the markets in Singapore and then life took over. Her then fiance got really ill, I moved on to Australia and Annabeau just fizzed out.

I don’t screen print anymore. My brother, Salihin, was much better at it then I was. He taught me what he knew but he had the patience for it, not me. Sometimes you just got to know when to quit and now I’ve moved on to other things that I feel connect better to my true self.

I picked the Muir pattern and lace-weight yarn because I feel that the lace and openness of the knit is more suitable for the hot and humid Singapore weather. You only need a light scarf or shawl in the sub-zero malls and public transport. Don’t really need anything too thick and bulky. The pattern knits up slowly. Lace just slows me down but I’ll persevere through my brain fog. I do not like to break my promise and the scarf is looking good. I can finally see some progress!

On a less sombre note, I was delighted to walk into a doctor’s waiting room the other day and saw a basket full of knitting, with a sign “Wrap With Love“. What a joy to see other knitters doing their share of charity knitting together in a public place. Strangers from all walks of life would have added a few rows of garter stitch to the blankets, which would end up all over the world to keep someone warm.
Wrap with Love

Naturally I picked up a pair of needles and added a few rows of my own. 🙂 Happy days!
Knitting for Charity

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


4 Responses to “I Still Knit!”

  1. Umi says:

    I’m so sorry for Marina’s loss. Is she the girl who sold the jewellery at the bazaar with you? I’m glad you’re able to do something for her and for others as well with your knitting skills. It is the thoughtful things we do for others that make life worth living.

  2. jackie says:

    Oh, i m so sorry to hear about Marina. Pls send my regards to her. I m sure your scarf with bring her warmth.

    i like the idea of Wrap with Love project.

    jackie’s last blog post..Round Robin Cloth

  3. Salihan says:

    Umi: She was the one who sold at the bazaar with me.

    Jackie: Have you knitted for charity before? Not much of a need for Singapore charities but what about overseas?

  4. Umi says:

    I thought so. When you send her the scarf, can you please also send her my warmest regards? Thanks.

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