What’s The Problem? I’m Up, Aren’t I?

My mum requested to see her grandkids, I mean, grandcats. You miss their goofy looking faces, Umi?

Here’s Olly, back from his morning wander.
What? I'm home, aren't I?
“What? I’m home, aren’t I?”

Then there’s Ifa, who just moves from one warm spot to another, all dayyy loonngg. I had to nudge her to get a photo.
What? I'm Up, Aren't I?
“What? I’m up, aren’t I?”

Not the prettiest cats I must admit. But it’s not from my side of the family. Ahem…

And then, Olly saw something he doesn’t quite approve.
Hey That's My Spot
“Hang on… What’s going on here?”

Look at My Spot, Olly
“Ahhh… what a comfy spot, eh Olly?” (stretcchhh)

The tension’s building as Olly strolls over almost nonchalantly.
She Taunts Him

Oh bugger! Here we go!
Ifa is Not Giving In
“I was here first!”

Olly Wants Her Spot
“No! This is my spot!”

I broke it up before someone lost an eye.

“Now say sorry to each other…”

The Fight Comes to a Halt
“Sorry Olly.” (mumbles) “Sorry Ifa.” (grumbles)

Olly still isn’t too happy about it.
Olly Still Wants the Dining Chair

Doesn’t help that Ifa seems to be rubbing it in his face.
Ifa Gets The Dining Chair

But everything settles down. Ifa curls up under the dining table in her little sunny spot, which is fading rather fast. Not really the smartest cat in the house.
Ifa Gets The Dining Chair

Olly, on the other hand, stretches out and bathes in the warm sun, quickly forgetting the drama that broke out just minutes ago.
Olly Goes to Lala Land

What’s the moral of the story, folks?


5 Responses to “What’s The Problem? I’m Up, Aren’t I?”

  1. Mette says:

    =) Funny cats!

  2. Katie says:

    I love seeing this – sometimes I wish we could get Puddy a friend to play with – but I don’t know whether she’d attempt to eat the other cat. That would be a problem. 😛

  3. Umi says:

    Why so serious, Olly? I remember you calling Ifa ‘dumb’. I think she is just being a ‘woman’.

    Thanks you so much for the pgoto shoot. The boys will definitely be overjoyed to look at them.

    Grandcats for grandcildren? That’s a scary thought indeed.

  4. Nadine says:

    Oh the drama!! Does Ollie always stick out his tongue? 🙂

  5. SecretAgent says:

    Preow! My imaginary kitty says “Meow hello” to your kitties! I do wish I had a cat, but my family has too many alergies! *sigh* Vicarious cat ownership just isn’t the same! lol

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