My White Bedroom

My bedroom is white with hints of black, cream and grey. I was inspired by a Zen interior design book and knew instantly that that is what I need in a home. The muted colours allow me to wind down for the night and awaken me softly in the morning.

As you enter the room, you might notice that the room is rather bare. I have a saying for my interior design style: If you don’t want to clean it, don’t have it out. 😛 I’ve deliberately put away knick knacks and left shelves bare so I have less to dust. You might laugh but I’d rather be doing something more productive, like knitting. I also like not having the visual clutter. Strange coming from a graphic designer who used to love bright colours and clutter in her room. Maybe the older, wiser me has finally come forward.
Bedroom Entrance

There are small details that I love in my bedroom. Ikea has a good source of relatively cheap, well-designed pieces.
Ikea Lamp

I’ve also omitted bedside tables in our rather small room. Instead I have opted for Ikea’s remote control organiser which has more than enough pockets for a magazine and book, remote control and lip balm. I would have preferred a black organiser but it was out of stock. Meh. And I use the window sill to hold our cups of tea.
Bedside "Table" / Ikea Remote Control Holder

And then we have our unusual TV corner. The TV stand is an old bedside table that we somehow inherited from the previous place we were renting in. We saved it from being thrown out by the owners. The chair is an old dining chair that I have refinished. You can read a bit more about the chair in the “Sit Buzz Sit” post.
TV & Refinished Chair

Actually, I might just sit here for a while and watch the morning news. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my bedroom, especially you, Melissa.
On The Bed

P.S. This is the only room in the house which is fully renovated. The rest of the house still has old, eeky pee-coloured walls, holes in the ceiling and some parts of the wall has only got plaster on them where the wall used to be. We’ll get around to finishing the house soon. So I keep telling myself…


11 Responses to “My White Bedroom”

  1. Nadine says:

    What a lovely serene bedroom! I, too, have all white linen. Thanks for the tour!

  2. Mel Goodsell says:

    oh thankyou for sharing your bedroom, it’s really gorgeous. I love the white bed cover, so nice. The lampshade is beautiful too 🙂

    Mel Goodsell’s last blog post..Overflow.

  3. Salihan says:

    Thanks Nadine and Mel!

  4. Umi says:

    I hope one day to have a refuge like yours.

  5. Salihan says:

    You shouldn’t wait too long to create a room you can retreat to.

  6. Eve says:

    “The TV stand is an old bedside table that we somehow inherited from the previous place we were renting in.”

    HA! That is insane! I have nearly the exact same table and I got it the exact same way. Well, one of my housemates found it and then took it for herself, then left it for me when she moved out. Do you think that every house/apartment has a small bedside table tucked in it somewhere for people to find? I believe so.

    Eve’s last blog post..Retrofit your mitts!

  7. Salihan says:

    That’s so weird!!! Haha… If anyone else has inherited a bedside table like Eve and I did, leave a comment!

  8. Steph says:

    I love your bedroom. You’ve inspired me to go and buy a white doona cover. I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced white doona cover for ages!

  9. Salihan says:

    White bedsheets rock! The quilt cover and pillows on my bed are from Adairs but the fitted sheet set is from Kmart.

  10. Dianagraff says:

    oooh so tiddy and organized.. mmmmm.. dare I say I have been inspired.. it’s time for our bedroom to go through a big chane, it’s so messy and fully of stuff in there 😉

    Dianagraff’s last blog post..The finished Cat Beds have been delivered to the Shelter

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