A view like that never gets old. Location: Warrah Trig to Patonga Beach, Brisbane Water National Park
Warrag Trig Lookout
Not bad for photos taken from a mobile phone and joined in Photoshop. I’m rather proud of it.

I haven’t been knitting much but I’m meeting up with the girls from the Central Coast Knit & Crochet Ravelry group tomorrow and I thought I should warm up. 😛 I’ve finally reached the mid-point of the Baktus scarf (pattern).
Alpine Pearl Baktus Scarf WIP
Anyone recognise the yarn from a previous project?

Our attempt to bake this condensed milk pound cake (recipe). Hmm… not as light and airy as the recipe’s pictures. I’m lousy at baking anything that requires creaming butter and sugar together.
Condensed Milk Pound Cake
But you know what? It tasted alright despite not tasting nearly sweet enough. I thought it was going to be sickly with the condensed milk so I cut the sugar back a little. Oh well. Most importantly, we both had fun making it together. 😀

I watched the making of the new Qantas ad tonight and I LOVED it! I’m so thrilled to see an Australian indigineous boy leading the song. It’s a small but significant step in recognising the owners of this land.

If you don’t see the video above, CLICK HERE to watch the Qantas ad directly in YouTube.


7 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. Linda says:

    Oh the ad is so beautiful. For some reason it just took me back home to South Africa …I married an American and live in the US.
    Your pound cake looks yummy. I also love your work and I love your blog.

  2. Sadly I missed it… ohh I do hope they have a re-run of it as I was looking so forward to it then missed it… how silly of me… B

  3. Umi says:

    The cake looks delicious to me. I wonder if you have a cake beater and mixer to make baking easier for you.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful panorama! (and no, I would never have guessed camera phone)

  5. Lisa says:

    One of my favorite things about visiting your site is the great recipes you post. I love to cook and bake and you have some great, very tasty stuff here. Thanks and keep up all the good work. You’re an inspiration.

    Bye 🙂

  6. vanessa says:

    that picture of that lake is really beautifull, I wish I could take a long walk out there!! sounds very relaxing, and that’s just what I need at this moment in my life!

  7. […] cream instead. Mmmm… And I didn’t stuff up creaming the butter and sugar together like my last attempt. But I’ll tell you what I did stuff up. I was supposed to use 2 1/4 cup of self-raising flour […]

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