Starching Handmade Bookmarks

There are several ways to starch your knitted and crocheted projects as explained in this article. I have used the spray starch method quite a few times on handmade bookmarks and coasters. The objects were stiffer but still pliable. The results were not permanent and had to be reapplied after washing.

This time I had two bookmarks – one made from mercerized cotton and the other from wool. The cotton bookmark is my first Fan Bookmark which didn’t turn out quite what I wanted it to. The woolen one was a Triple Chevron Bookmark I knitted for Richard. It curled too much around the edges despite being heavily blocked.

I wanted to try starching these bookmarks using the white glue and water method. The results were permanent and I expected the bookmarks to be very stiff. Basically, mix equal parts of white glue and water, dip the items in the mixture, squeeze out excess and lay flat on a hard surface to dry. Easy peasy.

Starched Fan Bookmark
Starched Triple Chevron Bookmark
From a distance, both bookmarks looked like they were starched successfully. Both were very stiff and I could easily hold them up without them flopping over. However, on closer inspection, the results were not the same after the all.

The Fan Bookmark crocheted with mercerized cotton had a smooth, flat finish.
Starched Fan Bookmark

The Triple Chevron Bookmark knitted with 3ply wool, on the other hand, had a rough, very uneven finish. The animal fibres when coated with the white glue and water mixture became much more prominent and tend to stand upright, despite being flattened and smoothed before drying.
Starched Triple Chevron Bookmark

In the future, I will definitely use this method of starching on cotton, especially mercerised, but not on yarn with animal fibres. Has anyone else have any interesting experiences starching their projects?


2 Responses to “Starching Handmade Bookmarks”

  1. Shannon says:

    What a great idea! You’re crocheting is awesome. All I can crochet are straight lines.. and they aren’t even at all. It’s quite pathetic. 🙂

  2. Salihan says:

    Thank you Shannon! I’ve still got so much to learn about crocheting. Can’t wait to finally crochet a colourful blanket for my king size bed! Haha…

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