Sydney Olympic Park

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RINGS was my clue to where we went last Saturday. If you guessed Sydney Olympic Park, well, you’re a freaking genius!

We went to the Bicentennial Park for a quick lunch, not really a picnic. We had places to go and things to do. So we quickly left and went to our first pit stop.

Salihan saying "Tada!"

Tada! It’s the award-winning Brickpit Ring Walk. It is the 2006 National Trust Heritage Awards Winner. I’ve not even heard of this place before but it was pretty cool. I think this homemade video best captures the size of the ring in the middle of this old brickpit. Don’t you just love the colours!

It was a bizarre feeling walking on it. It was just the two of us in this big weird suspended ring. And to add to the strangeness, Richard actually got the camera off me! (I’m a little possessive of it.) And you can see why I don’t normally hand the camera over. He would want to take photos of me! I had to oblige those mesmerizing blue eyes though. I was having a wonderful day so smiling was pretty easy.


In all fairness, he agreed to take a rare photo of us together. I LOVE this photo. Don’t we look good?! 😛 Gee, I’m such a lucky girl.


We were off to the next pit stop in the “larger than I thought” Sydney Olympic Park. Drove to the next location, parked and walked for a while to get to the…  SHIPWRECK! Yip, real shipwrecks in the water with the fancy condos in one background and the Ikea mall in the other. Surreal!

Shipwreck Mosaic

Although we were already rather tired from walking in the warm weather, we had one last place to visit. Another short drive and we were at the Newington Armory. Did anyone know there was an armory in the Sydney Olympic Park? Anyone? Richard was keen to see the heritage buildings and at first I thought it was going to be pretty boring. But I was blown away by how well preserved everything was and the armory was bigger than I thought! We walked and walked and there seem to be no end. There were so many bunkers, train tracks, old buildings and old signs. Again, there was barely anyone around. It’s like we were stuck in some Dr Who episode where everyone disappeared!

Newington Armory

But that’s not all folks! We finally walked back to the entrance and saw people walking into this big old building. Thought we should check it out. You wouldn’t believe it. It was an art gallery! This place just keeps on giving. The ARTEXPRESS exhibition was on and it was awesome to be able to wander into an old army building and find artwork from young budding art students. A symphony of young and old I think.

Among the exhibition, I did find a couple of artworks that would interest the yarn and craft lovers.

"My Body of Work"
“My Body of Work” by Indigo Hanlee, Sydney Girls High School
(Hand embroidery on organza)

"Pig Passes to Paradise"
“Pig Passes to Paradise” by Danielle Klusek, Strathfield South High School
(Yarn wrapped around a pig)

I hope you have enjoyed my Saturday outing to the Sydney Olympic Park. 🙂 If you have a chance, please do visit it for yourself. I can’t wait to go back there again and see what else I will discover. Enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll see you again on Friday.

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5 Responses to “Sydney Olympic Park”

  1. Mel Goodsell says:

    YES, you do look good together, that’s such a lovely photo.

    Mel Goodsell’s last blog post..Day 3 of the Egg-ceptional Egg-xtravaganza

  2. Umi says:

    Wow! SOP is really huge. We got to see but a small fraction of it the last visit. Thanks for sharing the photos of the place (and you and Richard of course). Keep on smiling!

  3. Mette says:

    You have nice Olympic Park there! The Blanket looks already beatiful. Keep going =)

    Mette’s last blog post..Life is speedy

  4. Nadine says:

    Lovely pictures! I love the reference to Dr. Who. My little family is obsessed, and they constantly make references to the show, and I am clueless, but I get the no one in sight. It’s a little weird.

  5. Salihan says:

    Mel: Aw shucks Mel… 😛 Thanks!

    Umi: Maybe next time, you and the boys might be interested in exploring it a little more. We can hire bikes and ride around the huge park for the day.

    Mette: Thanks Mette! I’m enjoying making the blanket. Wish I can stop everything and do that all day!

    Nadine: You MUST watch Dr Who! At least for one episode. It’s out of this world! Hehe…

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