What happened to Muir?

The only thing I have on my needles now is the Muir scarf which I casted on March 22. It’s been more than two months now and progress is slow. Something about this project is not working for me.

It might be the chart that I’m knitting from. 32 rows for each repeat. It’s painstakingly slow for me and I need to concentrate so hard. Mind you, I have the focus of a goldfish! By the end of the day when I do have time to knit, my brain and eyes are too tired to deal with it. And I swim away from Muir yet again.
Muir Knitting Chart

The other possibility why I’m put off from this project is the way the Malabrigo yarn stripes. It stripes almost every two rows and the pretty leaf design seem lost. Tell me again why I pushed on with this? I should have listened to my instincts and picked another pattern.
Muir Scarf WIP

Or it could be that I picked laceweight yarn so progress is slow. In two months, I’ve knitted 70cm. I admit that I have been distracted by other projects. But now I’m left with this. 110cm of lace knitting to go. I can’t bare to frog it and start again because it really is a soft, light and airy scarf. Exactly what I set out to achieve for my friend in Singapore.
Muir Scarf WIP

I’ve taken a deep breath and I’m going to keep going. I might try to knit an hour of it every morning when I’m bright and alert. (I’m a morning person) Every week, I’ll show you my progress. Maybe that will drive me on.

Have you had a similar experience with one of your craft projects? What did you end up doing?
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9 Responses to “What happened to Muir?”

  1. Diana Graff says:

    holy cow.. that looks painstaking difficult.. but you can do it! keep at it! you can’t give up now! Wooooh Salihan! we believe in you

    😉 says miss. procrastinator her self 😉

    Diana Graff’s last blog post..Crochet Casitas

  2. Jain says:

    Keep going! You’re over half way there. I think it’s beautiful and I’m sure your friend will love it.

    Jain’s last blog post..Outta Chocolate – Sleeve 1

  3. jackie says:

    Let’s have a knit-along time together via internet…

    jackie’s last blog post..From egg to coaster to pencil case

  4. debra says:

    I think it looks great! you have such attention to detail. I must admit I liked it better before you “pinned it down” I like the bobbly look. te he Keep going…….

  5. Umi says:

    I would have given up a long time ago but then again, I’m not you. You don’t give up that easily. I’m sure you must have chosen the pattern for a reason. Persevere or give up? Do what makes you happy.

  6. Steph says:

    If you’re really unhappy with it, I’d frog it and start something you know will suit that wool and be happy with, otherwise it’s just unhappiness every time you sit down to knit it.

  7. Salihan says:

    Jain, Diana & Debra: Thanks ladies! You’re too sweet! And yes, I will keep going. 🙂

    Jackie: Are you going to knit a Muir too?

    Umi & Steph: Thanks for your comments! Blogging about this made me realise that I’m not as unhappy about the scarf as I thought. I’ve been knitting it again and enjoying the process all over again. Have a lovely week!

  8. Tzugumi says:

    I am stubborn enough, it is difficult that I leave a project unfinished. Some time ago I had problems with the pattern of a scarf, I commit the same mistake and I had a lot of stitch in less than original. Then I finally understood what was and I continued.
    But can you follow the plot so colorful? I must confess that I would do evil eyes … but everyone has their strategies 🙂

  9. Salihan says:

    It is hard sometimes to follow the pattern with the multi-coloured wool. I only knit it when I am alert. Otherwise, I make a lot of mistakes and it isn’t easy to undo mistakes when knitting lace! But like you, I am stubborn and don’t like to leave a project unfinished. The scarf will get finished some day. 🙂

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