Yarn Stash Explosion

My friend, Rosemary, came over last Friday with a tea chest carton full of yarn! She inherited the box of yarn from her mother who has recently passed away but she wanted me to have it. Of course, Olly being the nosey cat that he is claimed the box as his before I can get to it!

New Stash Just Arrived

I spread my newly acquired stash out and the yarn covered the entire sofa! There is a huge myriad of colours, yarn weights and textures but the majority of it is 4ply and 8ply acrylic yarn. Typical yarn stash of a charity knitter.

New Stash on Sofa

If anyone out there knits for charity or know someone who does and wishes to have some of the yarn, please email me at me@salihan.com. I’ll be more than happy to share them around. I live on the Central Coast, Australia..

As a way of thanking her, I’ve started knitting her the Wisp shawl with some of the yarn she has given me. She is going through a difficult time in her life and I wanted to knit her something cheerful and pretty to wear.

Wisp Knitted Shawl WIP

I’m not confident with the way I’ve striped the yarn for the shawl. I only have one ball of each colour so I cannot make a solid colour shawl and I think she would really like the metallic thread in the soft yarn. I’m nervous about using bright colours in general when I knit so I’m going to ignore my personal unease and continue knitting. I’ll update you on the progress soon. 🙂

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9 Responses to “Yarn Stash Explosion”

  1. Mel Goodsell says:

    Wow that’s a very big stash from your friend. I really adore your sofa by the way!!

    Mel Goodsell’s last blog post..Blue.

  2. Sandra says:

    oh Han, I love this wisp shawl pattern. I clicked on the pattern, but it’s too difficult for me to understand. I think I should list down and try to decipher the rows.
    Great job by the way! I love your colours.
    I too received a lot of acryl yarn when I showed an interest in knitting. Been wanting to knit me a scarf for ages but I am still busy with de-cluttering the house. Now spring is nearly here and am busy with spring cleaning, it never seems to stop hahahahahah. Soon, we’ll be busy in the garden. Can’t wait for that.
    Take care,

  3. Kristin says:

    That’s a very generous gift!

    I’ve been gifted lots of yarn that’s ended up as a charity donation. Fortunately, my LYS keeps a huge bookshelf in the classroom for charity yarn – and it’s well used by several local groups.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Taking After Mommy

  4. sukigirl says:

    That’s a big stash of yarn LOL!
    Have you thought about making items for animal shelters (acrylic is perfect for this)?
    Not sure about the ones you have in Australia but the ones here usually accept small blankets for cats and dogs, I even see people online making yarn nests for little birds.
    They are quick projects to make and very satisfying. Just an idea in case you don’t get rid of them all.

    sukigirl’s last blog post..Two packages in the mail

  5. Melb says:

    Thats a nice looking shawl! What a creative idea from the yarn stash!

  6. Salihan says:

    Mel Goodsell: If only you can see my sofa up close and personal. It’s … ermmm… well loved! 😛

    Sandra: I simplified the pattern so that it’s only garter stitch and the fishnet lace which is just a 1 row pattern repeat. I’ll post the modification when I finish the Wisp. I think that pattern is perfect for cooler evenings in warm weather or in airconditioning. Hope you squeeze knitting somewhere into your busy day.

    Kristin: That’s good of your LYS to do that. I wonder whether they do that in LYS in Australia. Does anyone know of any?

    Sukigirl: Thanks for the idea Suki! I have knitted for animal shelters before and I’ll definitely do some charity knitting with the acrylic yarn that I can’t give away.

    Melb: Thanks Melb!

  7. Diana Graff says:

    oh jackpot of Yarn! but I am sorry for your friend inheriting the yarn that way. I am very sorry for her lost. I hope you get lots of projects done out of all this yarn! and that you have the time to post each and every one of them.

    Diana Graff’s last blog post..Did you say a little prayer for Rocky?

  8. Diana Graff says:

    oh dear I forgot to say holy cow! does your cat ever look like mine! you were so right!!!! how old is he? my new boy is 1 1/2 years old, or we think he is, being a stray that was the best guess that our Vet could give us.

    Diana Graff’s last blog post..Did you say a little prayer for Rocky?

  9. Salihan says:

    Olly is four years old now. We picked him up from the RSPCA and his age was estimated too. He’s a big cat so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a little older. Told you he looks like your cat. 😉

    And I’ll try to blog about every single knitting project that I get out of this massive stash. You don’t have to twist my arm for that.

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