Alligator bag?

I know knitters and crocheters are very talented. Some can pretty much knit or crochet whatever that comes to their mind. But I’m wondering what kind of mind would suddenly go, “That’s it! I’ll make an alligator bag!”

I was surprised to discover that not one, but two minds thought this was a great idea!

Knitting pattern: Alligator bag by A Morehouse Merino Original
Knitted Alligator Bag
© Nancynovember via Flickr

Crochet Pattern: Crocheted Alligator Handbag by Marleen Hartog
Crocheted Alligator Handbag
© Marleen Hartog via Ravelry

So instead of writing a knee-jerk response on why you should NOT make one of these, I’ve got an even better idea…

5 reasons why you NEED your very own alligator handbag:

  1. It’s fun! You gotta admit that life can be pretty dull at times. But not if you’re carrying an alligator bag! Imagine all the interesting conversations you’ll strike up with one of these on your lap in the bus or train. Your commute will never be boring again.
  2. Make a statement at an anti-fur/ anti-leather/ vegetarian event or protest. You don’t have to get naked to make your point.
  3. At the next Halloween party, you can come as an alligator farmer’s wife! Wear your alligator scarf (pattern) to complete your eye-catching outfit. You can be assured that NO ONE else would have the same costume as you.
  4. Deter purse snatchers! Can you imagine someone wanting to steal your alligator bag off your arm when you’re on your overseas holiday? I’ll give you a minute to really soak this up…

    A thief grabs your bag, running as fast as he can down the street. You yell, “Stop the man carrying the alligator head!” The whole street turns and watches him run. They laugh and start pointing at him. The thief doesn’t see what’s so funny. Puzzled, he quickly hides in the alleyway and looks down at the purse he just stole. He smacks himself on the head, cursing. Hoping that there’ll be a fat wallet to compensate for his loss of face, he finds nothing but a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles!

    Hah! Sucker!

  5. The last reason is courtesy of my husband, Richard. You need an alligator bag to stop the magpies from swooping down and attacking you on your morning walk. You probably need to balance the alligator bag on your head to be effective but it’ll be a good core muscle exercise.

Hey, I did say I’ll give you 5 reasons why you need an alligator bag. I didn’t say they were going to be GOOD reasons! So if you’ve had a lousy Monday or suffering the Monday blues, maybe all you need is an alligator bag. 😉

Bye bye now!

P.S. Clearance sale at my shop. Cute things needing a new home.


10 Responses to “Alligator bag?”

  1. Julie says:

    haha, that was hilarious!!! great list.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..FO: Gossamer Stars Scarf =-.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Loved the alligator purse but the five reasons to have one were the best: -)

  3. Saff says:

    Hehe, I already have a Morehouse Merino Alligator Bag Kit sat in my stash. Perhaps that project will make it onto my needles soon. I’m amazed how similar the crochet one is.

  4. shonyB says:

    A big smile on my face

    my reason would be
    no one would have to ask “Who left this bag?”
    Another bonus, every shopclerk would remember me!!!!

    Unfortunately, I’ll probably be the last one to get make bag. But what incentive to keep plugging

  5. leila says:

    HI Salihan 🙂
    I am from Malaysia actually and yes I love crafting especially Crocheting,knitting and needle felting 🙂

  6. Lynne says:

    that is really clever.

  7. Momo says:

    I haven’t checked my feedreader for a while, and what have I found? This hilarious post! Thanks for sharing the alligator bag, I think I’ll make one to store my balls of yarn and hooks to take with me when I’m away from home!
    Point nr.4 is simply amazing… “Stop the man carrying the alligator head!” ^n^ I’m still laughing!
    Have a nice day!

  8. Lori says:

    Hi Salihan, your 5 reasons are hysterically funny! Thank you I needed something to make me smile. I did think of another reason why someone would want an Alligator bag: Because they’re a Gator fan (from the University of Florida)! ^_^

  9. Found you on Google and just wanted to stop by and say thanks for posting these fantastic purses!

  10. Vania says:

    I really like the purse. I think it is a good present for my 5 years niece. Where I can find patterns for this job? I dont have many skills in order to create the alligator bag by my self. If I can buy somewhere, it would be a good information.

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