Finding My Photography Mojo

One of the reasons why my blogging has been hit and miss recently is the frustration I feel when taking photos of my projects at the end of the day in poor light. As some of you may know, I have been reorganising my home recently to make room for my new tenant. After moving stuff around, I’m really happy to tell you that I’ve managed to squeeze in a photo studio in my garage!

I even purchased a photography light tent and lamps to help find my photography mojo! The light tent is huge! It’s an 80cm cube and look how small Perry looks in it.

Light tent and lamps

Here are some photos I’ve taken while playing with my new setup for the first time. Can you see the difference in lighting on Perry?

Perry the Pear (test photo 1) Perry the Pear (test photo 2) Perry the Pear (test photo 3)

I also took photos of some llama roving and a very yummylicious sock yarn. By the way, fibre is very boring to photograph! Haha…

Llama fibre (test photo)

Sock yarn (test photo)

What do you think? Not bad eh? 🙂

If you have been tempted to get your own light tent and lamps kit, I bought mine from this Aussie eBay seller. I thought it was a reasonable price, good quality and cheap postage for such a bulky item.

There are some really cool, detailed tutorials around the web to make your own light tent too. Here are my top 3 favourites:
1. How to make an inexpensive light tent via Digital Photography School
2. PVC light box/ light tent via Make
3. DIY collapsible light tent via JPG

My photography mojo is officially back! I have more photos to share with you next week. Until then, hope you have a bright week!


8 Responses to “Finding My Photography Mojo”

  1. LeeAnn says:

    Looks fantastic! I can’t wait till I can afford to buy or make one!

    Here is another tutorial I found awhile back that I saved:

    I’m looking forward to more photos. =]

  2. aeonie says:

    Great idea! I know what you mean about the crappy end of day photos – I have a few of them myself. I try to save them all up for a sunny day. But then I find myself drawn out into the beautiful weather and the photo’s get forgotten!!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your photo tent pictures!!
    .-= aeonie´s last blog ..Army Mans Birthday =-.

  3. m-a says:

    Thank you for this demonstration. and for the links. I really appreciate. This will help me to get beautiful picture.
    have a nice day!

  4. Julie says:

    Fantastic!! a lightbox is brilliant for great photos, I keep meaning to make one so I’m not so dependant on the sunshine. 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    Looks great! You can absolutely see a difference and it means you can feel a little more consistant with your photos – I’m the same, but just got a new camera which I think will help my cause! 😀
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..My New Toy! =-.

  6. Momo says:

    I feel very frustrated when I take pictures of my handmade items, I also try to edit them with Photoshop but most of them remain awful. This is a nice idea, I would like to have a photo-mojo too, but at the moment it is not possible since I am moving in two weeks!
    By the way, Perry is really sweet!!! 🙂
    .-= Momo´s last blog ..Laptop sleeve- an easy tutorial =-.

  7. Hooray for getting your photography mojo back! Your photos look great. I also have a light box and find it to be very helpful. However, like you, I find that it’s huge so I don’t pull it out as often as I’d like. Now I will! Thanks!
    .-= T of Balkan Style Bloggers´s last blog ..Souvenir Shopping =-.

  8. Mel says:

    Hey Salihan, that light tent looks really good , well done – really brings out the Perry’s details ! I’m tempted : )

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