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My First Graffiti Knitting

If you haven’t heard already, graffiti knitting is the most inoffensive graffiti. But instead of tagging in the urban setting, I chose to tag somewhere deep in a national park. I quickly knitted a little something the morning we left and I was finishing it up in the car on the way to Bobbin Head. This it the track we walked. It’s called the Bobbin Head Loop.

I was deciding where to leave my knitted tag and 4 hours of walking (and sometimes climbing) through slippery and rocky terrain,  crossing creeks and down into the depths of mangroves and rainforests, had left me feeling beaten. I wanted desperately to see the side track that would take me back up into civilization. The sun was quickly disappearing over the ridge and thoughts of being lost loomed in my mind.

And then it appeared. It was clearly marked and not just a white dot on the tree as described in Wild Walks. Thank god! This is the where I will leave my mark as my spirit felt uplifted again.
Graffiti Knitting

Can you see my fluorescent orange knitted tag on the tree?
Graffiti Knitting

Ironic that I embroidered a smile on it cos that’s how we felt at that very moment. Absolutely elated! We were giggling and looking around as if someone was going to come by this way soon, despite not having seen anyone for more than an hour!
Graffiti Knitting

The happiness was short lived as we started our climb out of the valley. It was steep. God, it was so steep. We climbed up for a good 30mins and it took us another half hour to get back to the car. You can see the elevation profile of our walk here on Trail Guru.

But here I am, extremely proud of what I’ve achieved that day. I conquered a hard 5 hour, 15km bushwalk and I left a knitted graffiti on a tree, which I hope will bring a smile to other bushwalkers doing that track. 🙂 I’m planning my next one for this weekend already. *giggles*

For those who play geocaching, the coordinates are latitude 33.683313327 and longtitude 151.138348561. Leave a comment if you find it!

**Edit: The knitted tag is not made of cotton. I’ve used acrylic and wool yarn. But the back of the knitted tag is “open” with a piece of yarn criss-crossing the back to hold it in place loosely. Only half of the trunk is actually covered. I’ve sewn it this way so that the rangers can easily snip it off if they feel it’s damaging the tree in some way.**


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