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Thank You & Goodbye

This will be my very last blog post on Salihan Crafts. I’ve toyed with the idea for a while now and after much deliberation, I’ve decided that I’m ready to move on. Although I have enjoyed writing and chatting with you for the last 5 years, I think blogging and crafting in general have taken a back seat to my other interests. I don’t think I can blog as I used to. My heart isn’t in it anymore and that makes me feel that I’m not being fair to you by continuing. I don’t want you to have to read my half-assed dribble because I think we both have better things to do with our time.

Before I go, I would like to walk down memory lane and share with you the best of Salihan Crafts. Here are my Top 5 project lists which have made this journey so very fun and exciting!

8. Blocking Knitted Scarf Yarn sleeve & pot scrubber Knitted I-cord Coasters Crystal Filled Neck Cooler Step 1
Top 5 most popular tutorials:
1. How to block a scarf you can be proud of
2. Two ways to reuse your bath puff
3. Knitted i-cord coasters
4. DIY neck coolers
5. How to embroider a smile on your amigurumi

Crochet Flower Fridgies Crochet Apple Dishcloths Pear Tawashi Ysoline & Amigurumi Pears Johnny Apple & Little Mac
Top 5 most popular patterns:
1. Crochet flower fridgies
2. Apple tawashi dishcloth
3. Pear tawashi dishcloth
4. Amigurumi Pears
5. Johnny Apple & Little Mac
You can find more patterns HERE

Crochet Hairband 2 Berry Stitch Bag Revisited White Chocolate Berry Muffins Forever Blanket February Lady Sweater
Top 5 most popular posts:
1. Novelty yarn crochet hair ties
2. Berry stitch knitting bag revisited
3. White chocolate berry muffin recipe
4. Forever is here
5. My FIRST knitted cardigan!

I will also be closing both my Etsy shops at the end of the month. I have slashed prices to clear stock. Please visit Salihan Crafts Shop and to grab a bargain while stocks last! All my patterns will still be available here and in Ravelry.

Thank you all very much for your amazing support over the years. I loved reading each and every one of your comments and emails. You have changed me in a positive way with your kind words. My self-confidence has grown and I’m a much happier person because of you. I hope that you will still stay in touch outside of this blog. You may add me as a friend on Flickr, Ravelry and Goodreads.

I wish you all the very best, big hugs and kisses, and may our paths cross again in the future.

Lots of love,
Salihan xoxo


Pom Pom!

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my Christmas charity knitting. I made a pom pom tonight after dinner. It’s a good project even when you’re bleary eyed, sleepy and tired.

Pom pom making

I swear the pom pom looks better in real life! I was just too lazy to walk down to the garage to use my light tent. I’m almost asleep. Maybe I’ll dream about sleeping on a soft, fluffy pom pom… zzz…

Fun tutorial to make pom pom:


Finding My Photography Mojo

One of the reasons why my blogging has been hit and miss recently is the frustration I feel when taking photos of my projects at the end of the day in poor light. As some of you may know, I have been reorganising my home recently to make room for my new tenant. After moving stuff around, I’m really happy to tell you that I’ve managed to squeeze in a photo studio in my garage!

I even purchased a photography light tent and lamps to help find my photography mojo! The light tent is huge! It’s an 80cm cube and look how small Perry looks in it.

Light tent and lamps

Here are some photos I’ve taken while playing with my new setup for the first time. Can you see the difference in lighting on Perry?

Perry the Pear (test photo 1) Perry the Pear (test photo 2) Perry the Pear (test photo 3)

I also took photos of some llama roving and a very yummylicious sock yarn. By the way, fibre is very boring to photograph! Haha…

Llama fibre (test photo)

Sock yarn (test photo)

What do you think? Not bad eh? 🙂

If you have been tempted to get your own light tent and lamps kit, I bought mine from this Aussie eBay seller. I thought it was a reasonable price, good quality and cheap postage for such a bulky item.

There are some really cool, detailed tutorials around the web to make your own light tent too. Here are my top 3 favourites:
1. How to make an inexpensive light tent via Digital Photography School
2. PVC light box/ light tent via Make
3. DIY collapsible light tent via JPG

My photography mojo is officially back! I have more photos to share with you next week. Until then, hope you have a bright week!


Two ways to reuse your bath puff

My bath puff always comes loose after a few weeks and I just end up buying a new one. It seems such a waste. There must be ways to reuse or recycle the bath puff.

Used bath puff

I unravelled one that was destined for the bin. The centre cord that held it together just needed a little snip and the whole thing came loose very easily.

Bath puff pulled apart

There was nearly 2 metres of tube netting in that one puff! No wonder the bath puff doesn’t fray after washing. It’s a tube! Duh! It just comes loose and looks like a ball of mess.

Tube netting from bath puff

I’ve seen yarn sleeves made with a similar netting. They are sold as knitting/ crocheting accessories to hold centre-pull balls of yarn.

Photo from

I snipped a small section of the tube netting and stuck my pretty red yarn cake in it. Voila! One yarn sleeve!

Yarn sleeve

My only concern is that when the ball gets really small, the netting will be too loose for it. I think the netting can be cut lengthwise and the edges re-sewn (or crocheted) together to make a tighter tube if that happens.

Anyway, I still had a lot of netting left. So I cast on 6 stitches with the largest needles I own, which is a pair of 12mm needles, and began knitting in plain garter stitch.

Knitting up pot scrubber

I knitted till I ran out of netting and cast off.

Loose ends

I wove the ends in with my fingers and reattached the hanging cord. Ta-da! A “new” pot scrubber!

"New" pot scrubber

Now for the test. It’s a good thing I didn’t do the dishes last night. 😛

Pot scrubber in action

It aced the pot scrubbing test but how will it go getting machine washed? I threw the pot scrubber in the washing machine for a wash with some tea towels. It survived that too with just some of the ends coming loose. I just wove them back in with my fingers again.

So there you go! Two ways of reusing a bath puff – make a yarn sleeve and knit up a pot scrubber.

Yarn sleeve & pot scrubber

What do you think? More ideas welcome. 🙂

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Wrapping Up a Crafty 2009

What a busy year 2009 was! Look at all the knit and crochet projects I’ve made last year. These doesn’t even include the sewing, cooking and embroidery I did too. I’m surprised I had time to do anything else. 😛

2009 Knit & Crochet Projects
1. Berry Stitch Bag Revisited, 2. This Handknit Scarf Could Be Yours!, 3. Knitted Possum Pouch, 4. Asherton Reversible Scarf, 5. Rosemary Wearing Bow-knot Wisp, 6. iPod Nano Knitted Socks with Earphone "Pocket", 7. Crochet Hearts, 8. Crochet Cupcakes, 9. Emma & Jackson, 10. Crochet Swirls Cap, 11. Quick B’day Makeup Bag, 12. Winter Amigurumi Octopus, 13. Sushi Toilet Roll Cozy, 14. Knitted Bunny, 15. Crochet Baby Pear, 16. Muir Scarf, 17. Crochet Teapot Cozy, 18. First Graffiti Knitting, 19. "May the force be with you", 20. Richard loves Amigurumi Pears!, 21. Ysoline & Amigurumi Pears, 22. Novelty Yarn Crochet Hairband 1, 23. Pear Tawashi, 24. Baktus Scarf FO, 25. Missy Strawberry in the tree, 26. Juggling Amigurumi Pears, 27. Summer Shawl Collar Vest, 28. Whimsical Christmas Tree, 29. Crochet Potholders for Christmas Gifts, 30. Chrysanthemum Washcloth, 31. Crochet Flower Fridgies, 32. Rose Petals Square, 33. Crochet Apple Trio, 34. Vesper Summer Tee, 35. Vesper tee & FF Shawl

Warning: I’ll be tooting my own horn for the rest of the post. Please excuse the blatant self-promotion. It’s hard to reflect on the year without patting myself on the back at the same time.

So what have I achieved in 2009:

  1. I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress and started writing regularly.
  2. I lost my job and started my own business selling crochet patterns and handmade soft toys.
  3. 66 patterns and 19 soft toys were sold last year. Thank you for your support!
  4. My blog traffic grew from less than 1,000 visitors in January to nearly 10,000 visitors a month by the end of 2009.
  5. More than 300 of you are subscribed to my blog too!
  6. My tutorials were featured on several great websites like Whip Up, One Pretty Thing, Tipnut and Totally Tutorials.
  7. Other bloggers and online shops were nice enough to collaborate with me. These include Yarn and Kisses, Ecoyarns, American Yarns, Melissa Goodsell and CraftPassion.
  8. I also started working at two different part-time jobs.
  9. I paid more attention to my health and started bushwalking regularly.
  10. And last but not least, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Yipee!

So what’s in store for 2010? HEAPS! In the following blog posts, I’ll dig into my stash and start planning for the year ahead. It’s going to be fun coming up with all the projects to knit and crochet. Hope you join in too!

P.S. Don’t miss another blog update. Subscribe to Salihan Crafts via email or RSS. There’s lots of crafty goodness coming up!


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