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Starry Serenade

Come into our bedroom. I want to show you something.
Starry Serenade Redwork

That’s my little corner there by the lamp.
Starry Serenade Redwork

I’ve hung something special in my little corner today.
Starry Serenade Redwork

Yes. It is the Starry Serenade embroidery. 🙂
Starry Serenade Redwork
Pattern: Starry Serenade Redwork

I even tried sewing a few different embroidery stitches.
Starry Serenade Redwork

Isn’t it pretty? I must say that I’m very proud of my first embroidery project. I think I did very well, even if I do say so myself. Haha…

Thank you so much Cath for getting me into it. 😀 I’ve got a few more embroidery projects planned already.

Oh I can’t wait to go to bed tonight. I just love my bedroom even more now!

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Pin Win

I’ve entered a number of giveaways over the last few months and I’ve finally won a handmade item – Grand Fleur Pin from Left Bank Shop!
Salihan wearing pin

This brooch is made from many layers of heavyweight art paper petals assembled by hand into a flower form. The flowers have also been sealed to protect them from the elements. It’s just gorgeous.
Pin & Baktus Scarf

Coincidentally, the brooch is exactly the colours of my first hand dyed yarn. I’m thinking of creating something pretty with the yarn and pin the brooch on it. 🙂
Pin & Hand Dyed Yarn

Amy, who owns the Left Bank Shop, also has another shop – ShopAmyGurumi I bought silicone thimbles from her and they have saved my finger tips from my sharp embroidery needle! They’re soft and flexible and feels like second skin. Can’t recommend them enough!
Silicone Thimbles

I’ve hinted several FOs in this post which I’m very excited to talk about in future blog posts. Stay tuned by getting updates via email or RSS. See you soon!

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September Giveaway sponsored by Ecoyarns


Learning to Embroider

My friend, Cath, is teaching me to embroider. Over the last week, she has shown me how to needle lace and a few basic stitches so that I can work on this.
Starry Serenade Embroidery WIP
Pattern: Starry Serenade Redwork

I’m really enjoying embroidery. I get so absorbed with creating the tiny stitches that I lose track of the hours that pass by. I have also been sleeping later than normal so that I can work on it. Embroidering relaxes me so much that I seem to feel more rested when I wake up, even though I’m sleeping less!

Here is a close-up of my handiwork. My stitches are uneven and the tension isn’t consistent.
Starry Serenade Embroidery WIP

But I don’t really care. I can’t wait to see this hung up on a wall somewhere in the house. I haven’t decided yet but I’m sure that it’ll make me smile whenever I see it.

By the way, the giveaway is still on. Make sure you leave a comment HERE to stand a chance to win an Amigurumi Pear of your choice.

Well, good night all. I’m going back to my embroidery. 🙂


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