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Calculator Cozy

My darling husband, Richard, has a fancy graphing calculator. It’s much larger and heavier than a regular scientific calculator. It came with a thick and bulky leather case which he did not like very much.

Calculator with original case

So Richard went through our sock drawer and pulled out a sock. It just happened to be one of the old socks we got on a flight to Singapore. I think it’s the blue that drew him to it. He thought it would be just right to replace the chunky calculator case.

Calculator sock, literally

One day as I was looking for stationery on his desk, I saw his sock-covered calculator. As a crafty person, this just won’t do! I cannot imagine my husband pulling this calculator out at a meeting and slipping the sock off onto the desk! What was he thinking?

So with my newly acquired felt making skills, I handmade him a custom sheet of felt in two shades of blue. He liked it and gave me a design brief for his new calculator cozy. The main priority is that the cozy must by slim, light and easy to use. He liked the snap fasteners on the Aunt Flo’s purses and wanted the same closing on his cozy. He is a perfect client! He knows what he wants and he is open to ideas. Gotta love that.

Here it is! A Richard-approved calculator cozy 🙂

Calculator Cozy

Calculator Cozy (open)

Well, Richard has been nagging at me to rest now. I’ve had a cold for over a week and I’m not that much better. “I have not seen you rest since you’ve fallen sick! GO TO BED!” he says endlessly. I’m a terrible patient. I can’t stand not doing things. But I must rest. So I’m going back to bed and I hope all of you are in the pink of health!

Take care and have a good week! I might see you soon.


A purse for that time of the month

Problem 1: You need to carry your feminine hygiene essentials to the toilet but you don’t want to take your bag with you. This is especially ackward when working at an office, in school or when you don’t have pockets to slip the sanitary napkin/ tampon/ pantyliner into.

Problem 2: Your colleauge or friend gets her period but she doesn’t have any supplies with her. You want to give her yours but there are too many people around. A tad embarrasing for her and you don’t want to be sneaking around like you’re her drug dealer!

Solution: Store your essentials in Aunt Flo’s Purse! It looks like a little make-up bag or tissue holder. You can now carry your feminine hygiene supplies inconspicously because no one else needs to know that you’ve got your period.

Aunt Flo's Purse (open)

Step by step instructions with plenty of pictures to make your own Aunt Flo’s Purse

Aunt Flo's Purses

Want one but don’t want to make it yourself? I have these Aunt Flo’s purses available at my handmade shop. Free shipping worldwide too! 🙂


10 Inspiring Felt Tutorials & Projects

Handmade felt

I’m still experimenting and playing with felt making. It’s been so fun and I love the instant gratification I get from it. Here are 10 feltmaking tutorials and felt projects that have inspired me to keep exploring the world of felt. Maybe they will get you interested in it too. 😉

  1. Wet felt making for beginnersLINK
    I used this tutorial to make these coasters. Great tutorial!
  2. Felting with kidsLINK
    Small scale felting with basic materials found around the house
  3. Nuno feltingLINK
    Felting a sheer fabric with wool roving to create a stable felt. Great for scarves and belts
  4. Felted balls or beadsLINK
    Clear instructions and pictures to make felt balls for necklaces
  5. Felted wool bead braceletLINK
    Found this tutorial via WhipUp
  6. Necklace and bracelets kids can makeLINK
    I like these as they don’t use the regular round felt beads. Interesting results!
  7. Felt baby bootiesLINK
    Too cute! You have to check these out. You can use store-bought felt for these
  8. Elf felt slippersLINK
    Elf slippers made from felted old sweaters. I want a pair!
  9. Cutie-pie felt basketLINK
    Felt a sweater and make one of these to hold your buttons, sewing notions etc. The name says it all. Cutie-pie indeed!
  10. Felt boxLINK
    You can use handmade or store bought felt to make this clever box. I’ll be making one very soon

I’ll be sharing my own felt tutorial/project on Monday. Until then, I hope you have a relaxing weekend, especially all the mummies out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

See you back here soon. Ta ta!


From Fleece to Felt

Fuchsia Felt Coasters

Sky Blue Felt Coasters

Trivets Felt

Brain dead. Keeping it simple today. I think you can deciper what I’m trying to say from the points below. 😛

– Me = Virgin feltmaker
– Fell in love with feltmaking process
– Wet felting = Like watercolour painting with fleece
– Colours influenced by Impressionist paintings from Monet and Van Gogh
– Combining colours make them less vulgar/ loud
– Rainbow wool fleece from here. Cheap cheap!
– Awesome wet felting tutorial for beginners from here
Coasters available from my shop. Free shipping worldwide
– Keeping flower trivets for myself because I can
– Future project planned: felted coin purse
– Woot!

Ahem… I shall return with my normal blogging and more great news soon. Happy crafting all!

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