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I’m Proud of My Linen Cupboard Makeover

I am proud of my linen cupboard now. I’ll show it off to people when they come over. I will. I’ll say, “Come in, friends! Have you seen my linen cupboard lately?” 😛 Have a look at the before and after photos and tell me whether you like all the improvements I’ve made.


  • Yellow walls and wood trims
  • Linen Cupboard BEFORE
    Linen Cupboard BEFORE

  • Scuffed walls and ugly, poorly lined shelf liners
  • Old Shelf Liner

    Drumroll please!


    Ta daaa!


  • White walls and trims, and no door knobs! Replaced them with magnetic push locks.
  • Linen Cupboard (After)

  • Blue inner walls and new Ikea shelf liners
  • Linen Cupboard (After)
    Ikea Shelf Liners & New Paint

  • A little cleanup and everything goes back in comfortably, with room to spare!
  • Linen Cupboard (After)

    Have you done home improvements which you’re proud of? Tell me all about it or blog about it and send me a link. Let’s have a show and tell!

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    I’ve Been Painting


    I’ve Been Painting

    I’ve been painting for the last three days and I’m taking a break today. My body aches and I really need to get some other things done, like reading the manual for my job training on Tuesday. Yes, JOB training. 🙂 I’ve been accepted to work as an exam invigilator at the local uni. It’s only casual work during the exam periods for the rest of the year but I’m grateful. Any extra bit of cash will help further our home renovations.

    Speaking of which I’ll show you what I’ve been up to this week. My initial plan was to do the renovation room by room so that I can contain the mess in one small area. But it’s not going as fast as I hoped because if I do that, I am dependent on Richard and his dad to do the electrical stuff before I can paint. So I’m just painting whatever can be painted and not follow the recommended order to do things.

    I painted the bathroom walls on Monday. The walls are now a bright, clean white instead of a dirty yellow. The bathroom instantly felt bigger. (Ignore the ceiling, tiles and accessories. That’s for the future.)

    Bathroom Walls BEFORE
    Bathroom Walls BEFORE

    Bathroom Walls AFTER
    Bathroom Walls AFTER

    I’ve also started on my linen cupboard which ended up in the living room since we knocked down the wall last year. I’m attempting it to blend it into the walls by painting it white and removing the door knobs. The walls around it are yet to be painted.

    Linen Cupboard BEFORE
    Linen Cupboard BEFORE

    Linen Cupboard WIP
    Linen Cupboard WIP

    I was even thinking of painting the inside walls of the cupboard a totally different colour. Maybe a sky blue. And I need new shelf lining. The store bought ones are not wide enough. Any ideas?

    In case you were wondering where all the contents of the linen cupboard are, they are all in the spare room. Thank good for spare rooms!
    Linen Cupboard Contents


    Restoring Vintage Suitcases Part II

    Continued from Vintage Find

    I’ve cleaned the vinyl on the suitcases and removed rust from the metal parts. I suspect the suitcases are in a much better condition now than it has been in decades. But I was still curious to see what effect the “cut and polish” stuff (meant for polishing cars) would have on the metal bits of the vintage suitcases. Please excuse my use of “stuff” and “bits”. I really don’t know what the heck they’re called!

    Before Cut & Polish
    In the picture, you can see the “cut and polish” stuff I was going to try on the metal parts. The metal bits on the suitcases looked pretty good at this stage and I doubted there will be much difference after I “cut and polish”.

    So I got to work with a clean soft rag and the tiniest amount of “cut and polish”. I buffed the metal and couldn’t see much difference. I had a look at the rag and was pleasantly surprised.

    The gunk on the rag motivated me to keep going. I sat there for a while buffing meticulously, comparing each metal bit to the unpolished one next to it. It’s very hard to capture the difference on the camera but I took photos anyway.

    After Cut & Polish
    The closure on the right has been “cut and polished” and I hope you can see how much shinier and brighter it is to the metal around the handle and the centre closure. Well, all the metal parts look like that now. 🙂

    The next step is to work on the interior of the vintage suitcases. In an attempt to get rid of the musty smell, I’ve placed large scrunched bits of newspaper inside and closed them up. I got this tip from Googling. The carbon in the newspaper ink should absorb any smells. I’ll open the suitcases again on Monday to fix the tears on the paper lining. Hopefully, the smell will be gone by then.

    Oiyi asked what I’ll do with the suitcases. Frankly, I don’t really know. Richard has this funny idea that we should leave them by the door so that when we have guests over, they think we’re flying off somewhere. Or that we should just leave them somewhere in the living room cos they look so good. Haha… Errr, I don’t think so!

    What do you think I should do with them?

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    Vintage Find


    Vintage Find

    A Sunday afternoon drive and Richard’s sharp eyes led to the most delightful vintage find; Two red suitcases sat on a sad pile of junk by the side of the road. Richard turned the car around and stepped out to have a look. He checked the locks, sniffed them and quickly looked for signs of major damage. “Looks good!” he yelled out. “Stick them in the boot then!” I replied while still sitting in the car.

    Vintage Suitcases
    I had a good look at the suitcases when I got home. They were in really good condition! “Looks like they need a good clean and it should come up really nicely,” I thought.

    Inside Vintage Suitcases
    The inside of the suitcases were lined with paper, which were a little bit of torn at some places. I suspect a bit of white glue will fix that up.

    Inside Vintage Suitcases
    The label inside read “Made by Permacase Melbourne Victoria | Plasticor”. A Google search showed that the suitcases were probably constructed with plastic panels and covered in red vinyl. This helped me decide on how to clean the suitcases.

    Cleaning Tools

    To clean the suitcases I used:

    1. Warm soapy water
    2. Amor All Protectant
    3. White vinegar
    4. Aluminium foil
    5. Rags and sponges

    Firstly, I cleaned the vinyl with a sponge and soapy water, and used a rag to wipe off excess liquid. This got rid of the dust and grime. Then the vinyl regained it’s much needed shine with a bit of Armor All and a clean sponge.

    Cleaned vs Uncleaned Suitcases
    I’ve cleaned the smaller suitcase and when placed in front of the bigger, uncleaned one, you can see the difference in the vinyl. The smaller suitcase looks redder and shinier.

    For the locks and other metal parts, I cleaned them with white vinegar on a rag. The rusty bits were “sanded” off using scrunched up balls of aluminum foil. I repeated between sanding and cleaning and they’ve come out okay.
    Cleaned vs Uncleaned Suitcases

    I would really like to use metal polish on them. I’m thinking of the “cut and polish” solution you use on cars. I still have the other suitcase to clean and need to fix up both their interiors. I’ll show them to you when I’m done. 🙂

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    My White Bedroom

    My bedroom is white with hints of black, cream and grey. I was inspired by a Zen interior design book and knew instantly that that is what I need in a home. The muted colours allow me to wind down for the night and awaken me softly in the morning.

    As you enter the room, you might notice that the room is rather bare. I have a saying for my interior design style: If you don’t want to clean it, don’t have it out. 😛 I’ve deliberately put away knick knacks and left shelves bare so I have less to dust. You might laugh but I’d rather be doing something more productive, like knitting. I also like not having the visual clutter. Strange coming from a graphic designer who used to love bright colours and clutter in her room. Maybe the older, wiser me has finally come forward.
    Bedroom Entrance

    There are small details that I love in my bedroom. Ikea has a good source of relatively cheap, well-designed pieces.
    Ikea Lamp

    I’ve also omitted bedside tables in our rather small room. Instead I have opted for Ikea’s remote control organiser which has more than enough pockets for a magazine and book, remote control and lip balm. I would have preferred a black organiser but it was out of stock. Meh. And I use the window sill to hold our cups of tea.
    Bedside "Table" / Ikea Remote Control Holder

    And then we have our unusual TV corner. The TV stand is an old bedside table that we somehow inherited from the previous place we were renting in. We saved it from being thrown out by the owners. The chair is an old dining chair that I have refinished. You can read a bit more about the chair in the “Sit Buzz Sit” post.
    TV & Refinished Chair

    Actually, I might just sit here for a while and watch the morning news. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my bedroom, especially you, Melissa.
    On The Bed

    P.S. This is the only room in the house which is fully renovated. The rest of the house still has old, eeky pee-coloured walls, holes in the ceiling and some parts of the wall has only got plaster on them where the wall used to be. We’ll get around to finishing the house soon. So I keep telling myself…


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