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Not-so-spring Tulips

Tulips Cross Stitch FO

The cross stitch kit called it ‘Spring Tulips’ but it’s autumn here in Australia. These hand stitched red flowers add a warm touch to the home and does remind me of spring. I think the framed piece looks stunning and I catch myself looking at it every time I walk past.

Some of you might recall that I started cross stitching this in early December but I’ve only just finished it last week. It was worth all the effort, although I’m not too sure that I’ll start another cross-stitch project so soon. It’s very time consuming and requires so much focus.

Besides hanging my new “masterpiece”, I did a few more home improvements on the weekend. We went to Ikea again and bought a few things, including the shoe cabinets in the photo above. We have one cabinet each for all our shoes.

Here’s a male moment you’d appreciate:

Location: Ikea showroom
Me: We need two cabinets. One cabinet only holds eight pairs of shoes.
Richard: Eight? That’s plenty! We can share that.
Me: Four pairs each? Do you realise how many pairs of shoes I have?!
Richard: You only wear four pairs regularly.
Me: So what do I do with the ones I don’t wear often?
Richard: (ponders) Okayyy… We’ll buy two cabinets.

He thanked me later on when he realized that he had just as many shoes as I did. The two cabinets are all filled up. 🙂

How was your weekend?


Rainbow Fleece

Just a quick “Hello” and “How was your weekend?” today. I’m about to lose power in the house over the next several hours so I can’t stay and chat. They are putting in a new electric pole on the street. Very exciting with all the trucks, cranes and whirring noises!

Rainbow Fleece

Anyway, my weekend was spent playing with fleece. I won’t say what I’ve been making just yet. But look at all the delicious colours! Gorgeous, aren’t they? I’m really loving using bright colours at the moment. I’ve even hibernated my boring grey cardigan that I’ve been knitting. It just does not suit my mood. I’m far too colour happy for grey right now.

Well, I better run. Looking forward to reading what you have been up to. 🙂 Chat soon!


Tinkering Twittering

Thank you all for your get-well-soon wishes. I’m getting colour back to my cheeks and I think I’m finally on the mend. Must be all the good vibes you’ve been sending my way! Thank you so much!

So what did I do with this bit of extra energy I have today?


Well, I’ve been tinkering on the computer for the last few hours and I have finally created a background for my Twitter page! It’s nothing super fancy but I really like it. You must pop over to see it and while you’re there, why don’t you follow me on Twitter too. 😉

If you’re keen to make your own Twitter background, this awesome tutorial by Spoon Graphics helped me design mine. It includes an explanation on Twitter backgrounds, a free Photoshop template, links to get free stock photos and a step-by-step demonstration on how he created his background. Pretty cool stuff.

And as always, skip over to Kootoyoo for more creative spaces. Happy days!


Starching Granny Squares

Remember the Mystery Christmas CAL from Sarah London that I was working on? Sarah has revealed that the crocheted granny squares get turned into a Christmas Advent Tree. You can view her tree here.

I’ve mentioned before that I would like to finish my tree differently. I would like to turn mine into a tree mobile. It’s a crazy idea and I have no idea whether it’ll work but doesn’t it sound fun! 🙂

The first step is to starch the granny squares. I don’t want floppy pieces flopping around in the mobile. So I set up my dining table with old newspapers and cling wrap. Even the bowls were cling wrapped. It just makes cleaning up easier.

Cling wrapped bowls

Then I made up a 50/50 mixture of white craft glue and water. I’ve used this method before for stiffening my handmade bookmarks. You can read more about it here.

50/50 white glue & water

I applied the mixture thinly on the back of each granny square. I’m not sure whether I will get the right stiffness. I might have to repeat this process.

Starching granny squares

I draped the granny squares over different sized bowls to let the glue dry. I hope they keep the the rounded shapes. I guess I’ll just have to wait… Dum de dum de dum…

Waiting for starch to dry

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see the result. It’s like watching glue dry if you stuck around now. Have a good day!

P.S. Thanks for all the awesome APPLE name suggestions so far! They’re several that really stood out. Keep them coming. 🙂

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Make a Head-turning Corkboard in 30 mins

This daggy corkboard is in desperate need of a makeover. It’s in Richard’s corner of the office and its terrribly boring.
Corkboard Before Makeover

30 minutes of crafting later… Look at the difference!
Corkboard After Makeover

Here are the materials I’ve used:
1. Ikea fabric remnant
2. Dressmaker scissors
3. Staple gun
4. Upholstery tacks & hammer (optional)
1. Materials

Step 1: Place corkboard face down onto wrong side of Ikea fabric. Cut fabric to size, leaving a 2″ allowance all around.
2. Cut Ikea fabric remnant

Step 2: Trim corners to reduce bulk when folded.
3. Trim Corners

Step 3: Fold fabric along the edge of the corkboard and staple into place. Staple the opposite side that you’ve just done and keep fabric taut by pulling it tightly before stapling. I stapled the long side egdes first, then the top and bottom edges.
4. Staple fabric to corkboard
4. Staple corners
4. Staple all edges of fabric to corkboard

Step 4: (Optional) Lightly tap the upholstery tacks along the edge of the corkboard. To stop the paint from chipping off the tacks, cover the head of your hammer with fabric or felt and use a rubber band to hold in place.
5. Tap in upholstery pins

Now proudly display your corkboard in the room of your choice.
Corkboard After Makeover
Corkboard After Makeover


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