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Winter Gardening

I’ve been inspired by several blogs about living sustainably. I’ve lived a greener life since I’ve moved to Australia but a personal decision recently has given me a real reason to reduce my carbon footprint. So after reading this blog this morning, I made a decision to create a small vegetable garden and it took me only one afternoon from start to finish. It was so quick and easy. I picked up a few styrofoam boxes from the green grocer for FREE and a few supplies from the local garden centre.

I alleviated the boxes with a few wooden stakes to improve drainage. I then line them with leftover flyscreen mesh to stop the soil and compost from draining through the holes.
Setting up Vege & Herb Boxes

Richard’s been working on his compost for months now and it has paid off! The compost is dark, rich, moist and packed with nutrients. I filled a quarter of each box with compost.

I mixed premium potting mix with regular potting mix that I had leftover. I also sprinkled in a few handful of blood and bone and gave it a real good mix. The boxes were now filled up with this potting mixture. The seedlings were planted and given a good drink of seaweed solution. I’ve got space for two more boxes and pots too so more vegetables to be put in over the next few weeks. I will update you again in a couple of months when I start harvesting.
Vege & Herb Boxes

I couln’t capture the garden in one photo so I made a video instead. Turn the sound on because I’m narrating it as I’m walking around the garden.

P.S. I think the mic makes me sound nasally.


Recycled Bird Bath

This recycled bird bath that Richard “made” a few weeks ago has really grown on me. It’s an upside down metal garbage bin. I think it suits both our personal styles and works well in our natural bush garden that we are creating.
Recycled Bird Bath

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Chemical-Free Laundry

Since we are moving, I have been cleaning the house and using a lot of store bought cleaners. I had a rash on my face by the end of Sunday! So I decided that I am going to stop using harsh cleaners and use chemical-free alternatives.

For starters, I have washed the laundry chemical-free. I have been using white vinegar instead of fabric softener for 2 years now and it works really well. But I went a step further and use the following recipe I found on the net instead of laundry detergent:

1/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup salt
1/4 cup baking soda
1-2 tsp eucalyptus oil (optional – I like the smell!)

I am blown away by how good it washed my clothes and they smell so fresh and clean! Try it out for yourself and tell me how it goes for you. I would really love to hear feedback.

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