Party Time!

I have a few girls coming over for some knit and natter on Sunday. So I brought home some yarn from work aka Ecoyarns for us to fondle and oogle over.

I brought home some organic wool, cotton and alpaca. Deliciously soft, of course.
Organic cotton and wool yarn

There’s also some gorgeous hand dyed yarn. Such yummy colours!
Hand dyed yarns

I didn’t forget to include the more exotic yarns as well – stainless steel blends, natural silk, linen and even sock yarn blended with crab and shrimp shells!
Unusual yarn

We’ll be doing some spinning so naturally there will be fibre to play with. Oh what joy!

In case you were wondering, I will be serving food and drinks as well. Eye candy doesn’t really give us energy to knit, crochet, spin, chat and be merry. 😉

Hope you have a cheerily knitty weekend too!

P.S. Ecoyarns do ship internationally if you’re suddenly tempted to buy some.


Progress is painfully slow

A month ago I told you about my ribbed jacket I was planning to wear this winter. I thought my knitting was on track to get it finished by the start of June. Well, it’s almost the end of June and the jacket is still not finished!

Ribbed Jacket WIP

I have just finished one sleeve since the last update and starting the second one. Progress is slow for two main reasons:

  1. Regular measuring really breaks my flow. For the sleeves, I have to increase every 3.5cm so I’m constantly checking to make sure that I’m adding stitches at the right length.
  2. Reverse stockinette is not fun on circulars. I feel like it just rips the joy out of knitting in the round. I’m purling and purling and yes, more purling! Grrr…

On a more positive note, the sleeve fits nicely and the reverse stockinette is an interesting look.

I’m making sure I’m knitting a bit every night because I really want the jacket finished. I’m so tempted to put it aside but I’m close to the end and I’m too much of a control freak to let this thing get the better of me!

What projects do you have lurking around that are tormenting you slowly?

P.S. I’m behind on replying to comments. Life has been busy this fortnight! I will get them all done by the end of the week though. Thanks for the comments and keep them coming! They brighten my day! 🙂


Hello! I’m Charlie

Hello! I’m Charlie.

Hello! I'm Charlie

This is my mummy. She is as green as me most of the time.

Charlie loves me :)

I have a furry brother. His name is Olly. He doesn’t pay much attention to me.

Charlie & Olly

I have a sister too. Her name is Ifa. She is very nice. She tried to kiss me today but I didn’t want to be kissed by my sister! Eeewww! We sat together at the window though.

Charlie & Ifa

I love eating grapes. They are fun to pop with my sharp beak.

Charlie loves grapes!

I ate so much fruit and seeds today. I feel happy when I full. Do you know what I do when I’m happy? Have a good listen…

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch on YouTube.

Night night!

Oh hang on.

Mummy said that she’ll be talking about knitting next week, whatever that is. Bye!


We have a baby!

A baby parrot that is. Meet Charlie. He is a 15 week old eclectus parrot and he has just joined our little family. 🙂

Charlie in cage

He came to us in a very unusual and extraordinary way.

My elderly neighbour, who claims to be close to a 100 years old, was standing on his front porch on Monday afternoon. He told us he was waiting for a delivery. Even though it was a public holiday, he insisted that this delivery will arrive very soon. He had just bought a very big bird, he said, the biggest in the pet store!

We laughed and waited with him. A stationwagon pulled up and there was a bird cage that filled the entire boot space! The delivery guy, Alex, carried out a smaller bird cage with a gorgeous green parrot in it. We oohed and aahed, cooing over this very large baby bird. We helped carry the large cage into our neighbour’s house and Alex put the parrot into the cage. Surprisingly, the parrot was rather calm!

“If you want to give the parrot away, give it to us ok!” I said teasingly as we were leaving. Undoubtedly, I felt a little concerned about how my elderly neighbours will go looking after a baby parrot. Parrots live very, very long life and are not low maintenance birds.

On Tuesday night, we had a bizarre phone call from our neighbour. He said, “I have good news for you! I want you to have the parrot! You are the best neighbours I’ve ever had and I want to give him to you!” My husband, Richard, was in shock and insisted that it was silly to give us such an expensive gift. The parrot and cage had cost our neighbour over $1200!

But our neighbour had made up his mind. The next day, the parrot was ours, on condition that it will never be returned to him. For the 3 years we have known our neighbour, he has given away a purebred burman kitten, 2 cockatiels and several expensive furniture. He said it’s his nature. He likes to spend money and give the things away!

Charlie! 😀

So Charlie is our new blessing. We had several different birds in the past but they weren’t right for us and were rehomed.

Charlie, however, feels right. We fell in love with him at first sight. He is brave, intelligent and docile. He has quickly accepted us as his new flock. He had spent the last few hours on the sofa with us while we watched tv. He chatters a little and then dozes off when the room gets quiet. Charlie doesn’t seem too bothered with the two cats and they are getting used to him too.

It’s nice hanging out as a family after only 2 short days together. I’m so happy my baby boy has settled in so quickly. It’s like he’s been with us for years.


Cats & crochet…

… often do not mix.

I think Olly prefers knitting. 😉

P.S. The video on how to tunisian crochet can be found here. Happy crocheting!


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