Pin Win

I’ve entered a number of giveaways over the last few months and I’ve finally won a handmade item – Grand Fleur Pin from Left Bank Shop!
Salihan wearing pin

This brooch is made from many layers of heavyweight art paper petals assembled by hand into a flower form. The flowers have also been sealed to protect them from the elements. It’s just gorgeous.
Pin & Baktus Scarf

Coincidentally, the brooch is exactly the colours of my first hand dyed yarn. I’m thinking of creating something pretty with the yarn and pin the brooch on it. 🙂
Pin & Hand Dyed Yarn

Amy, who owns the Left Bank Shop, also has another shop – ShopAmyGurumi I bought silicone thimbles from her and they have saved my finger tips from my sharp embroidery needle! They’re soft and flexible and feels like second skin. Can’t recommend them enough!
Silicone Thimbles

I’ve hinted several FOs in this post which I’m very excited to talk about in future blog posts. Stay tuned by getting updates via email or RSS. See you soon!

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September Giveaway sponsored by Ecoyarns


Novelty Yarn Crochet Hair Ties

If you are anything like me, you would have impulsively bought a few balls of novelty yarn in the hope that one day you will find the perfect project for them. Before you know it, the novelty yarns are lost and forgotten in the stash for a few years. I’ve searched Ravelry several times trying to find the right project for these yarns. There’s a lot of novelty yarn scarves out there! Not my cup of tea though.
Novelty Yarns

But I am excited to tell you that I’ve found the perfect project! I’ve recently discovered Craft Passion. She has several good tutorials and free patterns on her site that’s definitely worth checking out. The one that made me extra excited was her Crochet Hairbands (pattern).

All you need are your novelty yarns, hair ties and crochet hooks. If you can chain and double crochet, you can make this!
Crocheting Hairband

I experimented with different yarns together and used different sized crochet hooks for each combination.

Novelty Yarn Combo 1
Crochet Hairband 1
Crochet Hairband 1
Yarn: Moda Vera Chelsea and Twinkle
Hook: K / 6.5mm

Crochet Hairband 2
Novelty Yarn Combo 2
Crochet Hairband 2
Yarn: Lang Tonga and Fiddlesticks Mega
Hook: H / 5mm

Novelty Yarn Combo 3
Novelty Yarn Combo 3
Crochet Hairband 3
Yarn: Moda Vera Twinkle and Fiddlesticks Mega
Hook: J / 6mm

I love them! They’re just so pretty and boy, were they quick to crochet!
Crochet Hairbands as a Gift Set

Are your brains ticking over yet? Mine has!

These will make great last minute gifts for colleagues and teachers, stocking stuffers, gifts for new mums and the party hostess, party favours for birthday girls… Oh, the possibilities!

Free pattern from Craft Passion:


iPod Sock with Earphone “Pocket”

We finally bought ourselves an iPod each. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on two very small items. Needless to say, they are worth every penny! Richard is so much more happier now that he can listen to his podcasts when traveling to and from work. He is on the train for nearly 3 hours a day and it was really wearing him thin. As for me, the drudgery of doing home renovations by my lonesome self has come to an end. I’m still alone but at least now I’ve got music to groove to. I’ll eventually find the time to download podcasts and audio books.

iPod Nano 3rd Gen

Now for the fun bit. It’s rare that Richard ask me to knit anything for him so when he asked for an iPod sock, I was thrilled. I didn’t have to convince him that he needs a handknit iPod sock. 😉 I didn’t want to knit an ordinary sock that just slips over the iPod. I much as well go out and just buy one like that.

I found this knitting pattern which was for the 2nd generation iPod Nano. Easy enough to modify to suit the slimmer and smaller 3rd generation Nano. It looks similar to the store bought socks but it has a hole for the earphone plug. I love how it slides on and off without needing to unplug the earphones. The sock stays “attached” when the iPod is in use, stored, or being charged. No chance of losing it or digging around in my bag to find a little sock when I want to put it away.

iPod Nano Knitted Socks with Earphone "Pocket"

iPod Nano Knitted Socks with Earphone "Pocket"

But what about the earphones? How can I store them neatly and protect the earphone buds? The earphones are always the first to stuff up. I didn’t want to jeopardise the slim design of the sock by adding any external compartments. My answer was a simple buttonhole on the back side of the iPod which I can slip the buds into. If I want to get really pedantic, I’ll slip the buds rubber side against the iPod so I won’t have to worry about scratching the iPod. With the earphone buds tucked away, the wounded cord is held in place neatly. Ah. I like coming up with simple solutions.

iPod Nano Knitted Socks with Earphone "Pocket"

Pattern: iPod Sock – tight fit (pdf)
Yarn: Sublime Cashmere Merino DK, Holiday 8ply Acrylic
Needles: 4mm
Mods: Details below

CO 24sts
Knit 1×1 rib in magic loop for 2”

To make earphone “pocket” (4sts buttonhole):
K1, P1, K2, BO 4sts, 1×1 rib to end
K1, P1, K2, CO 4sts (loop CO), 1×1 rib to end
K1, P1, K6, 1×1 rib to end

Knit 1×1 rib until the sock measures 4 1/2”
[K1, P1] x4, K1, BO6, 1×1 rib to end
(9 sts left on each needle)
Grafted remaining sts (kitchener sts)

iPod Nano Knitted Socks with Earphone "Pocket"

Richard absolutely loves his knitted iPod sock. He said that it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever knitted! Haha… He loves how simple and slim the design is. And he said, it’ll match his Asherton scarf too. 🙂


Knitting with Wire & Beads

I was reading my RSS feeds and came across this blog post by Laughing Purple Goldfish. She knitted a pretty beaded wire bracelet and she made it sound so easy! I thought that I should give it a go too!

I bought some inexpensive beads and 28 gauge wire. I had old knitting needles that I was willing to sacrifice for wire knitting. I had a few false starts, trying hard to loosen the way I knit. I eventually got the hang of it and produced this simple purple bracelet.
Knitted Beads & Butterfly Bracelet

I hunted around for a way to close this bracelet off and found this knitted wire cuff. I bought thicker wire and a few basic jewellery making tools. I’ve never worked with wire before so the closure ended up a little wonky and uneven. But I can live with that.
Knitted Beads & Butterfly Bracelet
Details on Ravelry

I thought to myself, “Hmm… that’s very pretty but what if the beads were not random?” So the next bracelet I planned a more structured look. The beads were all the same and placed in a simple zig zag pattern. This time I used a simple closure that I bought. Rather nice, isn’t it? Almost gothic.
Knitted Zigzag Wire Bracelet
Knitted Zigzag Wire Bracelet
Details on Ravelry

I hunted around the internet for more guidance on how to knit with wire. This website from Stitch Diva Studios was excellent! It really explained the basics in a clear, concise way for a newbie like me to understand. I saw this Coco Knits pattern that I really wanted to try using my new found knowledge. Off to the craft shop for more supplies and a couple of hours later, voila! Isn’t she precious! I love it!
Knitted Pearl Wire Cuff
Details on Ravelry

I haven’t knitted with wire since then. It really needs a clear head and a block of free time. It’s also quite hard on my wrist and elbow as wire isn’t as pliable and forgiving as wool. But I’m sure I’ll dabble with it again. Give it a go. It’s not as hard as it looks!


Knitted Boys’ Things

Salihin just had his 28th birthday on 19th October and I made him a very special guitar strap sock, with a little twist – a Space Invader pick holder! And I just couldn’t send a parcel without including something for my 2 youngest brothers. So what would 2 teenage boys like knitted? Skull keychains, of course!
Knitted Guitar Strap Guitar Pick Holder Knitted Skull Keychains

Click for knit patterns:
Guitar strap sock
Space Invaders (socks)
Skully keychains


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