Breathe Easy, Aquatic Plants

I just love plants. I love them so much, I have plants in every room of the house and an aquarium full of them! The very special feature of aquatic plants is that you can actually see them “breathe” – little air bubbles stream out of the happy leaves to the surface! It’s quite a sight!
Anubias Pink Baby Tears Vals

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Handy Hubby Builds Aquarium Hood

Don’t you just love husbands who know their way around a drill and hammer? His latest project is the aquarium light hood which he built out of scrap wood and electrical freebies from his dad. Saved us quite a bit of cash and it’s done the way we want it. Thanks love! It looks great!
Unpainted DIY Aquarium Hood Under the DIY Aquarium Hood

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Never a Dull Moment

A cat climbing his way to the very top of the door and a catfish eating zuchini. How can life be dull with pets like these?
Olly on Door Large Bristlenose & Zuchini

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Aquarium Update

We have moved and have set up the aquarium again. I painted the back and side of the tank with 2 coats of black paint and stained the cabinet top. As you will see, I have changed the set up over the few weeks and decided on a fully planted tank. More plants are on the way and we have ordered 2 discus to accompany the school of rummy-nose tetra and a pair of bristlenose that are already in the tank.

15 July:
15 July 2007 15 July 2007

29 July:
29 July 07

3 August:
3 Aug 07

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Aquarium Update

I thought I might just put up the progess of my aquarium before it gets dismantled for the move in 2 weeks.

February ’07:
Aquarium (Stage 1)

April ’07:
Side View - Tropical Community Tank

Full Shot - June '07

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