It’s fish-nished!

The aquarium is finished! It’s up and running smoothly with all the plants and fish I wanted. I received some rotala and java moss plants from an Aquaria Central forum member. Thanks Lazynodes! The plants are exactly what I needed to complete the tank. Looks soooo good!
Pink Baby Tears & Volcanic Rock Plant-covered Driftwood & Rock Plant-covered Driftwoods

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Aquarium Update

I just love my aquarium! I watch the fish for hours. Every time I walk into the room, I am just blown away by how good it looks. It takes me away to another world and all my stress drifts away.
Side View 11 Apr 2007 Left Side 11 Apr 2007 Centre 11 Apr 2007 Right Side 11 Apr 2007

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Underwater World

The aquarium looks absolutely amazing now! The pictures speak for themselves. The 3 goldfishes have done their job and are replaced by our first batch of tropical fish. Now we have 5 Neon Tetra and a Yoyo Loach (nicknamed Mat Yoyo). It’s so peaceful watching the fish. I get so much joy out of them.
Aquarium (Stage 2) Aquascaping 201 Aquascaping 201
Neon Tetra YoYo Loach

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Aquascaping 101

I have added new plants and more gravel to the aquarium. This is my first real attempt to aquascaping. Any tips anyone? Richard is going to make a sump so that the filter, thermometer and air pump will be hidden away. We are now just waiting for the good bacteria to grow and the water is completely cycled before we add some beautiful tropical fish.
Aquascaping 101 Aquascaping 101 Aquascaping 101 Goldfish

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Fishy Times Ahead

Our kitty cats were looking a little bored at home since we’re back at work, so we decided to get them their own pets – 3 little goldfish in a big 4 foot (1.22m) tank! Hehe… No, we are not THAT crazy. We decided to set up an aquarium with all the free bits and pieces we got from people. We did have to buy a few new things but its been minimal. The photos below are of the aquarium at its first stage. 2 filters are cleaning the water round the clock for the next 2 weeks. Then when the water is crystal clear, we will exchange the goldfish for some nice tropical fish. As you can see, the whole family really gets their paws in it!
Cats Love Fishies Aquarium (Stage 1)

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