Delightfully Crispy Prawns

Teresa introduced me to Cereal Prawns. I’ve never even heard of it but apparently, it’s very popular in Singapore at the moment. It wasn’t around at the beginning of this year when I went back to visit family. She was kind enough to send me 2 packets of the cereal to try and I’m hooked! Sooo yummy! Even better than garlic prawns! I altered the recipe from the packet slightly – used a little curry powder and chilli flakes, instead of curry leaves and fresh chillies. Teresa makes a lovely vegan version of it which I will try very soon I think. Mmm…
Cereal Prawns (Packet) Cereal Prawns

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So Lemak!

I spent my earlier years buried in books and the computer, and not in a kitchen. So at 29 and married, I am calling my very understanding mum up every weekend asking for recipes and ideas on what to cook. Embarrassing, I know. This is my first successful attempt at nasi lemak (coconut rice) with sambal tumis udang (spicy chilli prawns). I can hear some of my Singaporean friends laughing at me but meh! It turned out great and is now Richard’s favourite Malay dish!
Nasi Lemak & Sambal Tumis Udang


Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin!

I wish all Muslims a Happy Eid Mubarak! I hope that you are enjoying good food with those you love and that all is forgiven. As for me, this is my first year really celebrating Eid in Australia. Richard and I cooked traditional Malay food from scratch. Eventhough it was tiring, the food was delicious and every mouthful brought back memories of Hari Raya with my beloved family back in Singapore. We dressed in traditional baju kurung and even hung ketupat fairy lights. We’re definitely doing this every year.
Ketupat Lights (close-up) Eid Lunch Eid Lunch Good Hit, Jackson! Eid Family Potrait Baju Kurung & Kebaya 3 Men & A Boy Women Only
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Sugee Recipe

I haven’t had sugee cookies in ages and when my mum gave me her friend’s recipe this morning, I just had to make them. It’s a lot simpler to make than the traditional ones and they sure are yummy!

450g plain flour
150g icing sugar
8 Tbsp ghee, melted

Mix flour and icing sugar. Make a well in the middle and pour in melted ghee. Stir well. Make small balls and put them onto lined tray. Bake for 20mins in 180 deg celcius preheated oven.

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Food for the Cold Soul

Q: What do you eat when you’re sick on a bitterly cold winter day?
A: Homemade chicken rice porridge with asian greens and salty preserved eggs! Yummm! Just like back in Singapore.
Chicken Rice Porridge Meal

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