Self-striping sock yarn – Love it or Hate it?

Hello! How have you been? It’s been a few weeks since I shot out a post. Both my mum and mother-in-law thought I was sick! But I’m fine. I’ve been happily busy and occupied. So what’s new with me? Well, I’ve picked up more freelance work and we’re going to have a new housemate in a few weeks! We’re renting our spare bedroom to a Japanese student, so we’re in a mad rush to get some renovations done. Very exciting!

But I have managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting as always and the last few projects involve self-striping sock yarn. I’m loving it but there are down sides to this type of yarn.

Love: Socks really come to life with self-striping yarn!
Hate: The pattern gets lost among the stripes. Can you see the spirals?

Spirally striped socks from the top 2
Project details here

Love: Leftover self-striping sock yarns make a great scrappy blanket! The blanket looks more complicated to knit than it actually is. I love that I’m not in control of the colours too. A nice change to my usual uptight self. 😛 I’m changing yarn in the order I knitted the socks and knitting it until I run out.
Hate: Sock yarn is normally thin so this project progresses slowwwly.

10-stitch Scrappy Sock Blanket
Project details here

Love: Self-striping yarn are not always crazy and wild. The analogous colours in this pinky yarn are pleasing to the eye.
Hate: I can just see the lace! Grrr…

Candy Lace Socks WIP
Project details here

So what about you? Do you love or hate self-striping yarn?

I also want to share with you my new toy. I finally bought a set of Nancy Knit Knacks’ DP WIP tubes. They safely store my double pointed needles and current project together. So handy, especially since I’m officially addicted to knitting socks!

Handy DPNs WIP Tube
Available here


“Forever” Blanket

I’ve wanted to crochet a blanket for a few years now. I want this blanket to stay with us forever. I want it made of the softest of soft yarn in the prettiest of pretty colours. However there were things holding me back, mostly money and time commitment. I started a hexagon blanket with scratchy, squeeky acrylic yarn last year but I didn’t finish it. It just wasn’t what I wanted and it felt like a compromise. I didn’t love the hexagon blanket like I hoped I would with my forever blanket.

In a twist of fate, I started working for Ecoyarns on a part-time basis a few months ago. One day, while I was preparing sample cards for the EcoOrganic Cotton range, an idea struck me.

Ecoyarns EcoOrganic Cotton

I could make a giant granny square blanket just like Joelle’s from Purl Bee! I’ll arrange the colours similar to the sample card and it will be a glorious blanket. Working at a yarn store has it’s other benefits too. Discounted staff prices. Woohoo!

I brought the yarn home and brainstormed the idea with Richard. He wasn’t too sure that I should take on such a big project but he could see I was desperate to do it. As soon as I showed him the yarn, he instantly fell in love with the colours and the softness of the organic cotton. He was now assured that it was not going to look like a typical nanna blanket. It’s important that he will love this blanket as much as I will. It is our forever blanket.

EcoOrganic Cotton Yarn

I spent that weekend winding the yarn into cakes, with the “help” of Olly. He was trying very hard not to attack the yarn as it whizzed past. It was truly impressive how well behaved he was. He eventually moved away and slept under the table instead. What a good cat!

Winding yarn

Just looking at the colours made me so happy! Look how pretty they are, all snuggled up close to each other.

Colours for my blanket

When I eventually started crocheting, I could not stop. The EcoOrganic Cotton yarn is a dream to work with! So soft and it didn’t split like other cotton I’ve worked with before. It’s like knitting with Malabrigo wool. Simply heavenly!

The blanket grew quickly as I crocheted every chance I got. It became my Australian Open companion. As the tennis players manipulated the ball with a twitch of the wrist, I did the same with mine on the blanket. Alas, the tennis is over and I’ve managed to crochet 5 of the 16 colours.

Granny square blanket WIP

Here it lays on the bed it is destined for.

Granny square blanket WIP

The blanket feels right. It’s what I imagined it would be. I think I’ve got my forever blanket.


Hexagons on the Move

We went on a small road trip last Saturday. I was going to spend about 3 hours in the car all up so I thought I shouldn’t miss the chance to do a bit of crocheting while being chauffeured for the day. I packed my backpack full of yarn – 700g of yarn to be exact. Seven beautiful bright colours adorn my hexagon crochet blanket. I’ve crocheted and joined 16 hexagons and packed them with me. All I needed was my hook and a small pair of scissors and I’m off!

Richard was looking at my bag when I got in the car. He had already packed a picnic for us and we were planning a walk too. He was rather surprised to see my bulging backpack! “What have you got in there?” he asked inquisitively. I grinned and told him to just drive. As soon we hit the freeway, I unzipped my bag and pulled out the ends of the yarn carefully. I began my first hexagon, proud at how organised I was.

Crocheting Hexagons in the Car

I even had a little “bin” next to me by the passenger door where I tucked the scrap bits of yarn and my pair of scissors.

Crocheting Hexagons in the Car

And between our seats, I placed the 16 joined hexagons so I can refer to them when I’m crocheting. I’ve decided on these 16 to be the foundation of my crochet blanket that I will just follow from now on.

Crocheting Hexagons in the Car

I’ve placed a safety pin in the centre of each of these “foundation” hexagons so that I will not be confused when I start joining other hexagons to them. Is there a smarter way to do this? I really don’t know much about crocheting. I don’t know the proper name of the so-called foundation hexagons that I’ve crocheted. Please enlighten me if you do!

I’ll talk more about where I actually went last Saturday later this week. All I can say now is that it involved RINGS. 😉

To be continued…

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What Have I Started?

I learned to crochet last year simply because I wanted to crochet amigurumi and a blanket. I have made several amigurumi but no blankets yet. Not even a small a lap sized one. I started a ripple blanket but it was quickly abandoned. I didn’t like how it was turning out and I wasn’t sure whether I had enough yarn to finish it.

But with the recent acquisition of yarn, I can now realise my dream of a crochet blanket! As excited as I am, there are a few things I worry about with this new project. Firstly, the colours are bright! It’s very different to my otherwise muted style. I’m not sure whether it will go with the white colour palette that I plan for the house. But the emotions I get when I look at the pretty hexagons is driving me on. They just make me so happy! I catch myself smiling at the hexagons that lay in front of me. Haha… Thank god I’m home alone.

Hexagon Blanket WIP

Secondly, it’s a blanket. Come on. With my short attention span, who am I kidding? It’s going to be a challenge to finish it. I think the hexagons will make it easier though. My goal is even if I just crochet ONE hexagon every few days, I should be happy with myself. It hasn’t been a problem so far. Look what I’ve done after two days. I’m hooked! (pun intended)

Hexagon Blanket WIP

My last concern is that the blanket is being crocheted with acrylic yarn. It’s not even a soft acrylic yarn but at least it isn’t itchy. I’m reminding myself that without Rosemary‘s generosity, I wouldn’t even have the chance to do much knitting and crocheting in my current employment status. I’ll always have a chance to make another blanket with the yarn of my choice in the future. It’s pretty hard to focus on the negative with these colours staring back at me!

When I showed Richard the first few hexagons, he said, “Oh my god! What have you started? Don’t you spend every waking moment working on that!” Haha… I’ll try not to, love. I’ll try. 😉

Hexagon Blanket (Free Pattern) by Attic24

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Knitted Blanket of Love

After many months, I have finally finished knitting my pink blanket – just in time for the upcoming winter nights. So satisfying.
My Knitted Blanket Knitted Blanket

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