Picking, knitting & watching

I’ve picked up the stitches along the neckline of my ribbed jacket to knit the collar. I worked out a simple way to make sure I have the stitches evenly spaced out around the neck and managed to get it right the first go too! Yay!

This how I did it. I divided the neckline into sections using stitch markers. Firstly, I folded the neckline in half to work out the mid point. So now I have 2 sections. I folded again to work out the mid point of these sections. Marked them with stitch markers. Now I have 4 sections. I repeated this step again until I get 8 sections.

Sectioning neckline

A little bit of maths helped me work out how many stitches I needed to pick up for each section. I tried to divide the total number of stitches as evenly as possible between all the sections. Some sections had one more stitch than others. Generally, it’s much easier than trying to eyeball 116 stitches around the entire neckline!

A little knitting maths

Then I picked up right number of stitches for each section. That’s it! So much easier dealing with a small section at a time. Phew! Glad that’s over though. I’m happily knitting my collar now and it’s going quick. 🙂

Picked up stitches along neckline

Oh and while I was picking and knitting away, I had one eye on this…

Olly dreaming of Charlie

It’s a little hard to concentrate and count when at any moment, Olly might wake up from his feathery dream and make Charlie his midnight snack!


Cats & crochet…

… often do not mix.

I think Olly prefers knitting. 😉

P.S. The video on how to tunisian crochet can be found here. Happy crocheting!


Guess what?

Ball band head

You can put your blinkers on, ignore the sh*t flying around you and look ahead to something wonderful.

That’s right. It’s the weekend, baby! Woo!

Well, almost.

Happy friday all!

P.S. In case you were wondering, that’s a yarn ball band around Olly’s head. It’s my revenge for him stealing my WIP box. And no, he didn’t get hurt, not even a wee papercut.

P.P.S. Anyone doing anything exciting this weekend? We’re going on a family picnic!



Richard: Have you seen Olly?

Me: Huh? No. Why?

Richard: Go look for him.

Me: OLLLLYYYY!!! (runs to his usual sleeping spots) Hmm… where is he?

Richard smiles as he watched me lift the lid off my new WIP box.

Westing in Peace

Olly: Huh? What’s going on?

Richard: (points to label) W. I. P. West in peace.

Me: Ha ha verrry funny. (grumbles)


Furry Colleague + Weekend Special

I’m trying to get some work done today. I have the house to myself. I turned off all my usual distractions. It was going great until Olly turned up. That was the best I could do to get him away from me. At least he wasn’t lying on the keyboard or my hand or the mouse or all of those at the same time! Argghhh…

Cat and mouse

Thankfully, he’s moved to his box now and I can get back to work.

So I’ve got something special to share with you. It’s a little treat for Ravelry members who like knitting and cuddly things. But this offer is only going to last a couple of days so you better hurry! 🙂



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