Boxing Day

Boxing Day was different this year. We had it at Emma’s, instead of Dad’s. Dad was nice to have provided all the food and drinks for us. It was a lot of hard work on his part to have to move his entire roast lunch to Emma’s and I do appreciate all the effort he’s put in. And he gave us all an awesome picnic hamper too! Thanks Dad!
Boxing Day Family Potrait Jackson's Backyard How To Crush A Cockroach Picnic Hamper - Present from Dad
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Christmas Lunch @ Mum’s

The temperature was unusually cool today and I think it made a big difference on how the lunch went. Everyone seemed more comfortable and relaxed. As you can see from the photos below, everyone got a little bit silly too!
Christmas Lunch With A Twist Synchronised Funny Faces Synchronised Funny Faces It's The Christmas Geek Show!
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Plus, this year’s presents were heaps good too. Mum bought Emma and us a Wollemi Pine each, which Richard had wanted for a long time. And Emma made us all yummy fudge. They were gone before we even left mum’s! James got Richard a soldering iron which he had needed for a while now. So it was an all round good day!

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Extreme Light Ups!

Most people who put up lights for Christmas, decorate like this:
 Booker Bay Lights
Some people, though, don’t think that’s quite enough. So they decorate like this:
Ettalong Xmas Lights Ettalong Xmas Lights (Right) Ettalong Xmas Lights (Left) Ettalong Xmas Lights (Up-close)
Just to prove he is an EXTREME Christmas decorator, he has a working carousel, with penguins and snowmen in Santa hats, next to his front door AND he’s blocked off his living room window with a massive display of angels and snow-covered houses!

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East Meets West

My mum reminded me that Hari Raya Haji was on the 20th December. She urged me to put up the ketupat lights that she got me for Eid, together with all my other Christmas lights. I think it looks really good!
Our Xmas & Hari Raya Haji Lights
Our Units' X'mas Lights
P.S. I took a better photo of our neighbour’s lights too. Click to view larger pictures.
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Light Me Up!

Even though we’re Muslims, we still have a bit of fun on Christmas and put up a few lights at our place. This year, our neighbour’s lights are so bright that it makes our house look pretty pathetic. She’s got lights all around her balcony and you can see her very bright Christmas tree through her sliding doors! It’s pretty cool for a 70 year old woman who lives alone!
My Xmas Lights Xmas Lights

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