Rubber Stamp & Woven Labels

I bought this rubber stamp kit years ago and use it regularly to stamp my address on my outgoing mail. This is my 3rd home in 5 years so it’s great that I can change the stamp as and when I please without having to buy a new one.
DIY Stamping Kit

It’s a little bit tedious and time consuming to place the tiny letters to make the stamps. And I assure you, there were quite a few cross-eyed moments! But I really like the “homemade-ness” of the stamped item.
Making Stamp

So I stamped the reverse of the foam stamped tags. Some in red ink and some in black. What do you think?
Stamped Tags

Now for the actual Amigurumi Pears. I bought customized woven labels from this UK company. They were cheaper, more professional looking and had more options than any of the Australian companies I looked at.
Customised Woven Labels

A woven label is sewn onto the bottom of each Amigurumi Pear.
Customised Woven Labels

I also made bags out of disposable pillow cases I got at a bargain price from a clearance warehouse. Yip, disposable pillow cases! Necessity is the mother of invention. 🙂

Each pear is placed into it’s own handmade bag.
Tagged & Bagged Pears

A ribbon and a cuddle seals the cute softie within.
Tagged & Bagged Pears

And off they go to another loving home where I’m sure there will be plenty of hugs and smiles. Au revoir, my lovelies!

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Homemade Foam Stamps

I saw this tutorial about making your own packaging and decided to use some of ArtMind‘s tips to create my own tags to go with my Amigurumi Pears.

I used a small piece of foam and outlined a pear shape with a pencil onto the foam. The vertical lines marked the sides of the tags I was using.
DIY Foam Stamp 1

Using a craft knife, I cut along the outline of the pear but only going halfway through the foam.
DIY Foam Stamp 2

Then I cut along side of the foam until I reached the cuts I made for the outline of the pear.
DIY Foam Stamp 3
DIY Foam Stamp 4

And within minutes, I had made a pear shaped foam stamp! Dip in a little acrylic paint and got stamping right away.
DIY Foam Stamp 5

I tested the stamp several times on scrap pieces of paper and immediately fell in love with the texture the foam gave to the pear stamp.
Testing Foam Stamp

Now for the real thing. I stamped the paper tags I bought from Officeworks and drew in the stalks with a Sharpie.
Stamping on Tags

I also wrote a little message above the pear. (Thanks Mike! 😉 )
A Message on Tags

I’ll show you the rest of the packaging in my next blog post.

Oh. By the way, have you had your cuddle today?


Well, here’s a little hug from me… H-U-U-G-GG! 😀

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