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Thank you all for your get-well-soon wishes. I’m getting colour back to my cheeks and I think I’m finally on the mend. Must be all the good vibes you’ve been sending my way! Thank you so much!

So what did I do with this bit of extra energy I have today?


Well, I’ve been tinkering on the computer for the last few hours and I have finally created a background for my Twitter page! It’s nothing super fancy but I really like it. You must pop over to see it and while you’re there, why don’t you follow me on Twitter too. 😉

If you’re keen to make your own Twitter background, this awesome tutorial by Spoon Graphics helped me design mine. It includes an explanation on Twitter backgrounds, a free Photoshop template, links to get free stock photos and a step-by-step demonstration on how he created his background. Pretty cool stuff.

And as always, skip over to Kootoyoo for more creative spaces. Happy days!


Juggling Pears {+ Groovy Buttons}

I sold one of my pear softies to Richard’s colleague and he made a rather odd request for a custom order. He wanted pears to juggle. Yip. You heard me right. Juggling pears! So I modified my original pattern to come up with these:
Juggling Amigurumi Pears
Juggling Pears
Pattern: Amigurumi Pears
Yarn: Panda Zoomy
Hook: I/9 (5.5mm)
Mods: Increased till round 3; 3 rounds of pear’s side; decreased for 2 rounds; 2 rounds of sc all; decreased and fasten off.

He was very pleased with the juggling pears but he didn’t end up juggling them. His teenage daughter saw the pears and wanted them straightaway. Her dad already gave her a full size pear softie but she wanted the little ones to give to each of her BFF to remember their high school years together. She graduates this year. 🙂 Isn’t that sweet?

Pink Pear WIP
And no, this isn’t the female version of Cousin It gone commando. Hehe… It’s another custom order which I haven’t started on yet. It’s for Ysoline, the now famous girl with the Amigurumi Pears surrounding her. She loves pink and that’s exactly what she’ll get – a pink pear, just like the one Mel is making.

I have also created a one-stop info page for the Amigurumi Pears:

Check out the page and look out for the cool buttons I’ve made. I’m extremely proud of them.
Salihan's buttons

If you would like customised buttons for your website, send me an email: me@salihan.com. I’d be happy to make a couple for you in exchange for something pretty from your shop. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

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New Blog Header

I have a new blog header!

New Blog Header

Old Blog Header

Pssst…. best to view the new header at the blog directly if you are not already.

What do you think?


"Make My Logo Bigger!"

One of my ex-art directors, Mike, blogged about this very funny website: http://www.makemylogobiggercream.com/

“We always hear this from clients. “Make my logo bigger. I need my logo bigger. I pay so much money and you make my logo so small!” Finally, someone invented something to make everyone happy.” – Mike


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