400th Post + Special Treat

This is my 400th blog post! *tooting trumpets*

*little Snoopy dance*

So… I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate my latest accomplishment and while I was doing the dishes one day, an idea struck me. Well, it actually looked up at me with big, soapy eyes.

Pear Tawashi in action
Pear Tawashi pattern available here

Another dishcloth! I love my crocheted ones a lot more than my knitted cotton ones. They scrub so much better and dry so quick. Since I’ve had apples on my brain recently, an apple dishcloth was just what the doctor ordered!

Crochet Apple Dishcloths

And since I like you so very, very much, I’ve made a free pattern and tutorial just for you: http://salihan.com/apple-dishcloth 😀

You can also find it as a link on my left sidebar, under Free Patterns.

Happy crocheting!

P.S. I’ve also added a new feature at the end of all my blog posts. Notice the little Stumble It! link below? If you like what you read here, I hope you will give me a Thumbs Up on StumbleUpon so that other crafters can find my patterns and tutorials. Thankyouverymuchly!


Tribble Addiction

I’m finally coming clean. I have no self-control when it comes to cute, small knitted projects. I promised myself to rest my arm today and just read a book. But after snooping around in Ravelry, I found the Tribble and I just had to cast on. Here is the finished object. Can you guess what it is?

I’ll give you another clue. You hold the Tribble like this when you’re using it.

Can’t figure it out? It’s a pot scrubber! Richard is going to love this! I’m already casting on the next one. Plus, I want to make a big one to use as a bath pouf. I love all these things I’m making that is reducing my household waste. Just wash and reuse!

Well, if you didn’t think that was cute, maybe a picture of Boomerang Olly will make you smile.
Boomerang Olly


Pretty Pebbles Crochet Dishcloth

I have three patterns to crochet for Lesson 2. This is the first one completed. I modified the assigned Pretty Pebbles Square pattern and also added a biscuit edge. I’m finding crocheting rather easy, except for the first row. I take nearly half an hour redoing it as I struggle to get the right number of stitches from the chain. Does anyone have any tips on this?
Pebbles Dishcloth Pebbles Dishcloth

Anyway, Richard says this is the best dishcloth yet because of all the nobbly bits and the big size (19x19cm). This is the sixth dishcloth so I have one more to go! He won’t like the next one as it’s a basic granny square – not very manly and not textured enough. I might add a ruffle edge to it. We’ll see.


Crochet Lesson One Completed!

I’ve started learning to crochet. I am following Craft Daisies lessons and I’ve completed the first lesson. Instead of making squares for an afghan, I’m making dishcloths.
Beginner Crochet Dishcloth Beginner Crochet Dishcloth
Two more dishcloths to go!


Three Dishcloths To Go!

My goal was to make seven dishcloths for Richard – one for each day of the week. This is the fourth one. It was knitted using the cotton yarn that Jolene bought for me and it’s wonderful to knit with.
Bee Stitch Dishcloth

The hubby also gave a thumbs up to the bee stitches. Can you see them buzzing about?
Bee Stitch Dishcloth (Close-up)

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