Berry Clean Dishcloth

I’ve made a berry basket dishcloth out of cotton twine. That’s right. Twine! It scrubs and cleans the dishes and pots real good. Richard’s new favourite knit. We’ve thrown all the sponges out. I’ll have to make a few more dishcloths; one for each day of the week. Love it!
Berry Basket Dishcloth Berry Basket Dishcloth


Ballband dishcloth

Some might think it’s too pretty to wash dirty dishes with. But I think it’s a good way to make washing dishes a bit more fun and cheerful. I just love the colours and the design of this ballband dishcloth!
Ballband dishcloth

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Sounds like a Sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. But it’s just as exciting to me – a garterlac dishcloth! I just found out that I could use acrylic yarn to make dishcloths so I can finally use up my leftover yarn and maybe make Richard’s dish washing a bit more exciting.
Garterlac Dishcloth

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