Recycled Magazine Christmas Tree

Last year, I handmade Christmas trees for Richard’s family out of old magazines. I used a craft tutorial from Just Like Martha. I know this post is very belated but better late than never! Anyway, I think the recycled magazine Christmas Tree can be used all year round as a home decoration. Like suggested in the tutorial, you can spray paint them to suit your interior decor. I left it to his family to add any finishing touches.

Recycled Magazine Christmas Tree
Hours of folding and not one papercut! 😛 I’m just glad they actually liked their paper trees. Plus, I get to recycle and craft at the same time.

Funnily enough, Richard’s brother, James, wrapped all his Christmas presents with old magazines too, even the extremely large Guitar Hero World Tour box! The recycled magazine wrapping didn’t stay on for long and the family was jamming away in no time. Rock on!

Boys Jamming on Christmas-Day
Jackson on Guitar Hero, James on drums and Richard on guitar


Family Holiday 2008

My mum and two of my brothers, Hakiim and Irfan, came to visit us late last year. It was their second visit to Australia, which made it much more relaxed than when they were here the first time. We travelled from the Hunter Valley down to the South Coast, beach after beach after beach.

We stayed at a holiday park on the South Coast for the weekend. Our cabin was just by the Crooked River, Gerroa, and the sunsets were stunning! This was my most favourite part of the entire holidays. South Coast really impressed me with their picturesque valleys and rolling hills.
Sunset over Crooked River
Herron @ Crooked-River

The holiday park was very close to Seven Mile Beach too and the sand on the South Coast seemed darker and not as soft as those found on the Central Coast. The beach was huge and flat. Perfect for young families, I think.
Seven Mile Beach
Family @ Seven Mile Beach
Us @ Seven Mile Beach
Clouds over Seven Mile Beach

As it was nearing Christmas, Richard’s mum put on an early Christmas dinner for us. It was the first time for my family to experience how Christmas is celebrated here. We had quite a few laughs over dinner with reindeer ears, funny hats and cheesy Christmas crackers jokes!
Christmas Dinner

In general, there were lots of mucking around (done mostly by the two boys) and doing heaps of nothing-ness. Quite a neccesity in our otherwise very busy lives.
Hakiim Trying to be  a Dog
Umi @ Terrigal Beach
Siblings @ Taronga-Zoo
More holiday photos found on Flickr


Uncle Kevin First Jet Boat Crash

Richard’s uncle, Kevin, races jet boats. At the moment, he is 6th in Australia but recently finish 2nd in his latest race at Ballina.

In this video taken 5 weeks ago, he didn’t quite finish. No one was hurt because he landed the right way up. Thank God!

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Happy 24th, James!

James, my brother-in-law, turned 24 today and Mum invited us over for lunch. And as usual, the two brothers goofed off. I just love their sense of humour!
Bandana Brothers
Rockclimbing Book Miss Richard?

And you can’t have a birthday without good food, especially homemade luminous green ones!
James & Mum James With His Almost Vertical Cake

I chipped in and made almond agar dessert with fruit salad. I used a packet of agar mix and it was ready to eat in one hour! I didn’t used to like the strong flavour of almond agar but I really got into this!
Almond Agar with Fruit Salad
Click here for more birthday photos

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Boxing Day

Boxing Day was different this year. We had it at Emma’s, instead of Dad’s. Dad was nice to have provided all the food and drinks for us. It was a lot of hard work on his part to have to move his entire roast lunch to Emma’s and I do appreciate all the effort he’s put in. And he gave us all an awesome picnic hamper too! Thanks Dad!
Boxing Day Family Potrait Jackson's Backyard How To Crush A Cockroach Picnic Hamper - Present from Dad
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